Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 15, 1988-99

MV to Lake Junaluksa

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1988 - [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Saturday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Sunday 1991 - [USSR trip through 9/18/91]

Tuesday 1992 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta back to Columbus, ate at Cracker Barrel and made a stop at WCH Library. New K-Mart about to open as well as Big Bear. NV is repaving 2nd and Church Streets.

Wednesday 1993 - Hortons and Joe here for lunch. Joe leaving this PM. He was in Cincinnati last night and he thinks the David Uibles will buy a large ($1500) painting. Joe is having trouble with his gums.

Thursday 1994 - John, Julie, and Kate arrived for overnight. John was to meet with Trust Customer in Louisville on 9/17.

Friday 1995 - [China trip with Roberta, etc. through 9/27/95]

Sunday 1996 - The DS, Shirley Cadle was in church, her father lives in Lewisburg WV. Mary [MUH] went with us to Wilmington, had lunch at CMH, program was on arthritis. Diane Von Stern spoke. Then to see Aleda Purtee in hospital, she had a stroke last April and is rather confused. Planted four hills of peonies at the cemetery lot.

Monday 1997 - Painted the trim spots where the roof gutter had leaked. Harold S. here to get our e-mail going. MV has gone with a group to Lake Junaluska NC.

Tuesday 1998 - [Rockbridge OH, near Logan to home] 77 miles home via 180, 35, 138 and 28. Got home about 11:30, got cleaned up and went to Sally Ann Achor closing in Lynchburg, then to Wilmington to get Leach appt. We had so much breakfast at Glenlaurel that we didn't feel the need for lunch. Jean had UMW at Hilda Williams. A big write up in the NYT about George Wallace [governor of Alabama and four time candidate for President who died on 9/13/98].

Wednesday 1999 - [Chelan to Holden Village WA] Got on boat at Field's Point, parking $20 for the week.   Then a 40 minute boat ride up to Holden Village [a Lutheran renewal center where the guests can also volunteer], a distance of 12 miles.  Meal time is 7:30-8:30, noon, and 5pm.  At the evening service at 7:30 they announce the names of the arrivals and also those who will depart the next day, 30 minutes long.  Super ice cream cones at 75¢ a dip or $1 for 2 dips.

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