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Nov. 14, 1989-99 Roberta on the ball

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Chicago] Serena and I spent the AM getting the car to a Pontiac dealer to get the transmission repaired.  In the PM, Jean and I went to art museum, special exhibit on 150 years of photography.  Had supper at Chestnut Street Grill, more our speed [than the fancy place mentioned yesterday with Tom Daileys].

Wednesday 1990 - Mother is getting weaker, had to wake her at 9am, wants to sleep most of the time.  Hard to get her to say more than a couple of words.  Great weather, put more leaves on the garden and transplanted an oak tree and evergreen across the street.

Saturday 1992 - [Roberta visiting] Mother very good today.  Roberta is on the ball in gong to see her.  Serena came and the four of us went to see "Inherit the Wind" about the Darwin evolution trial.  The play was in the Hillsboro Municipal Court.

Sunday 1993 - Gideon speaker at church, turkey dinner afterwards.  Mother drank a little milk and apple juice tonight.  A real wet day.

Tuesday 1995 - Jean went to Dr, quit taking medicine, not doing any good.  Possibly a hole in the bladder?  She had UMW meeting this PM.  I went to Hillsboro to Paine Webber seminar, really a waste of time.  Took Henry Edwards to dentist.  Bev Gooding called about getting together.

Thursday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Friday 1997 - We went to Murphy Theater to hear Mickey Rooney.  He is 77 [born 9/23/20] and 5'3".  The Murphy opened in 1918.  Went to Sabina to close J. Raymond Smith estate.  MUH remembered John when he was in her grade, "a good student."  John called about setting up a time for photo appointment in Newark.  Betty Stephenson having chemotherapy treatments.

Saturday 1998 - [Kentucky to home, Catherine visiting] Ginny and Serena went for another swim.  Got over to Crowsons at 11AM, then went downtown as MV and Jean wanted to go to the craft show while Catherine and I went to P.L.  Catherine showed me books in 332.6 and .7 on investing.  Had lunch at Round Robin then saw Susan and Rudy at Crowsons.  Susan is recuperating.  Left about 2:30 and got to Mariemont Inn at 5:30, just as they were starting to seat people, the Bob Hodsons among them.  Had to sit in the smoking section.  Early bird before 6:00 Monday-Thursday.  Good meal.  Jean and Catherine are sorting glasses from Sweden.  Item in WNJ about Charlie Hart giving up his license to practice law.  Jack Laymon said to have had heart attack.

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