Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov. 18, 1989-99 Somerset UMC very friendly

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Had lunch at NV Senior Citizens,  got bushel of apples at Karns in Wilmington for $10.  Cider for $2.50/gallon.  DP&L 22.7 KW/day, $53.00.  GHU 6.1 KW/day, $17.32.

Sunday 1990 - [Kentucky with Serena to home] Went to Somerset UMC, very friendly.  MV does good job of choir directing.  Serena under the weather.  Left about 3pm.  Bob Evans for a snack.  (Wayne and Shirley Jones with daughter who's thinking of EKU next year were there.)  GHU seems pretty good.

Monday 1991 - [Mo-Ranch, Humble TX through 11/22]

Thursday 1993 - Had pre-trial at Municipal Court; met Jean at the WPL.  Last Sunday was issue of Sophisticated Traveler.  Went to Bob Evans for lunch, seems like a poor seating arrangement.  Jean is getting quotes on printing for the District UMC.  Came home via Sabina, saw Evelyn Bernard at Autumn Years, she is quite a talker.

Friday 1994 - [met MV and picked up Ginny for NV stay] After a stop at Aldi's, milk $1.79/gal, Clinton County Court House, then Butler County Court House for K. Mee Estate, then to Talbot's in Cincy, a big sale now on, and then met MV and Ginny at Cracker Barrel at Exit 115.  We brought Ginny home with us, while MV and _______ are going on a retreat at Shakertown for two nights.

Saturday 1995 - [Newark to home] We took down some of the gym stuff at John and Julie's  Then in the PM John and Julie went to a wedding and we left about 4pm, having a snack at Wendy's at Jeffersonville Mall.  Got bagels 6/99¢.

Monday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Tuesday 1997 - Jean had UMW meeting at Hause's.  Free subscription to NYT on internet.  Helped Opal turn off AC units in Church ceiling.

Wednesday 1998 - [to Phoenix] We left for Phoenix from Cincinnati.  Went to Glendale PL, got several books including biography of Charles Lindbergh.  Ate at Mediterranean Restaurant, nice variety.

Thursday 1999 - Found out today that the Meeting of the Wells buyer was in Columbus so drove up there. Grant showed me around, very impressive: 6610 Singleton off Burch Dr.  Got haircut at Greg's, $7.  Catherine called us about problems they are having at Best West [RV].  This Jim (Gerry's former partner) has his wife and son working there.

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