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Nov. 13, 1989-99 Christian really crawling

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Chicago] Went to Dairy [?] Show at McCormick Place.  Lot of new buildings going up.  We forget how bad congestion is in these big cities.  Met Tom and Leslie Dailey and their daughter, Laura (3) at the Drake in Oak Brook ($140 for the five of us, wow), Laura had shrimp cocktail and a so-called strawberry shortcake [was a Wyndham, now appears to be closed].  He is in business on his own.  Realized Pontiac not running well.  Found a place to park car on State and Delaware on two different nights.  Parking at John Hancock is $13.

Friday 1992 - Go to Columbus to meet Roberta, ate in Leesburg.  Marie Frump introduced herself, she was one of the waitresses.  New K-Mart open in WCH.  Big Bear is getting read to open there also.

Saturday 1993 - [Kentucky to home] Visited Book Store at Lexington Green, then to Sam's Club, a very wet AM.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Stopped at Mariemont P.L., then worked a little at the Lions Club supper benefit for the NV Emergency Squad.

Monday 1995 - A light skiff of snow this AM.  Jean went to UMW meeting in Greenfield.  Finally reached Serena, she had been house sitting.  Leon is out of hospital.  Item in paper about  Eleanor Robinson and Ora [?] Sanderson deaths.

Wednesday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Thursday 1997 - General 50¢/hour raise at Wells.  Cleaned out roof eaves and put 6 loads of leaves on garden.  ⃞ dance officers election night, Chad and Wilma Holland retiring.  Larry Ferguson is the new President.

Friday 1998 - [To Kentucky, Catherine visiting] Gene Williams taking extruder part to Akron.  We left for Somerset, arrived at 1PM and had lunch there at Crowsons.  Serena had arrived.  Took Honda to dealer for factory recall (4).  Christian is really crawling around.  Catherine and I went to P.L., had interesting book on Famous Train rides around the world, such as New Delhi, Bergen, Whitehorse to Skagway, Vancouver, Durango, etc. Ate at Mexican Restaurant.  We have room 107 and 207 at Comfort Inn.  Ginny really likes the pool.

Saturday 1999 - [Maumee Bay State Park with John, Julie, Kate and Andrew to home] Enjoyed walking the Board Walk adjacent to the lodge, it is 2 miles long, saw several deer.  November is a bad month for deer accidents.  Had stop in Tiffin at Heidelberg University, then lunch at Peppercorn's in Bucyrus, about a block north of Court House.  Went to P.L. and got a set of 1969 World Books for $20.  Got back to Newark about 5pm, 400 miles on trip, gas was 134.9¢.  Car turned 76,000.  We got first TV guide.

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