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Nov. 12, 1969,89-99 John & Julie's engagement announced

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1969 - Helen Morton passed away at age of 82.

Sunday 1989 - [to Chicago] Left for Chicago at 2pm.  We met Serena at Lake ? and Harlem, the Restaurant had changed names.  The apartment #5206 [at the John Hancock building] is getting dog eared.

Monday 1990 - John called us about his and Julie's engagement, wedding is to be 5/18/91. [This date was later changed.]  He had met Julie in Chicago this past weekend.

Tuesday 1991 - UMW meeting at church.  John Hughes showed pictures from all over North America.  Jean and two others read a skit re the Lord's Prayer (actually from Martha Wallen).  Roberta called that Lois Bruce had passed away.

Thursday 1992 - Jean took four women to Columbus UMW meeting where Esther Salisbury was honored in the Wilmington District.  Two men here from National Latex, ate at NV Restaurant, $3.95 for plate lunch.  Bank had program at Snow Hill, great refreshments.

Friday 1993 - [to Kentucky] Had dental appointments with Dr. McMullen, he took x-rays, no cavities.  Drove on to Lexington.  Ginny was glad to see her parents.  Ate at Red Lobster with Frank and Irene Rains.  They have the BP Station in Williamsburg KY and he had had quite a drinking problem.  Overnight at Red Roof Inn.

Saturday 1994 - [Cincinnati] Went to UMC Publishing House and got paper for Christmas letters.  Then to Talbot's where Jean got red suit with coat, slack and plaid jacket.  Had lunch at Pragells [?] real busy and a good value.  Then to Union Terminal where we had a tour through the building and a show on the Serengeti in Africa.

Sunday 1995 - Barnabas at our church, 152 present with collection of $1150, 10 members from Ray's former church (Concord on Rt. 665 near Grove City), with their new lady minister, she is a nursing home administrator at Utica and Kirksville plus starting driving school.  Jean went to both SS and church.  We ate at Ponderosa, $12 for the two of us.  Bought fuses at both Walmart and Kroger's, the latter about 25% cheaper.

Tuesday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Wednesday 1997 - Went to SW Urology and he gave me these one-a-day pills.

Thursday 1998 - [Catherine visiting] Catherine had lunch with Nancy Henderson and friends at Samuel Walker's.  Saw Patty Walker and Linda Compton.  Went to Lynchburg P.L.  The two young trees in front, the leaves have all turned brown.  Article in WSJ about market swings, how in 1929 DJI fell from 381 on 9/23/29 to 198 on 11/13/29 then to 294 on 4/17/30 to 41 on 7/18/32.

Friday 1999 - [Maumee Bay State Park with John, Julie, Kate and Andrew] Kate loves the pool and Andrew loves the steps.  Went into Toledo and had lunch at Tony Packo's.  They dropped us off at P.L., the original 1940 building is having a large addition.  The Hillcrest Hotel at 16th St. is still vacant.  John and Julie and family went to COSI  in what used to be a shopping area.

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