Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov. 11, 1989-99 Kate does gymnastics

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Burned old mill building down.  [Was that the corn cannery?]

Sunday 1990 - Mother here for lunch, calling hours in Wilmington for Bill Bowers.

Monday 1991 - John down to see GHU and us.  Julia having ear problems.  Bert told John he needed to "pep up" their answering machine message.

Wednesday 1992 - New Long John Silver restaurant in Hillsboro.

Thursday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

Friday 1994 - [to Cincinnati] Went to Elder Law program ($145) at Holiday Inn at 42 & I-275 in Cincy.  Had great breakfast bar.  Jean met Jeanne Sanker and Serena for lunch at Embassy Suites.  Then for supper we 3 went to Grande Finale for dinner.  A stop at Computer Place to look at scanners, they're about $1500.  Serena gave us a '95 calendar with family pictures.  We are in room 311, $49.

Saturday 1995 - Sizzle meal at Lions Club.  What a wet, windy day.  We put up the storm windows.

Monday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Wednesday 1998 - [to Newark and back] Left here at 10:30, lunch at Cracker Barrel, then to B&N bookstore on Main St. and "C", at Columbus airport at 2:10 [to pick up Catherine], on to Newark to John and Julie's.  Kate had a gymnastic program at 4pm, a few somersaults, walking on a little raised ladder, walking on a narrow board [balance bar], etc.  John and Julie took us to the library (surprised it was open on Veteran's Day), then to Red Lobster for supper.  Jerry and Betty joined us.  Speciality is cheddar biscuits.  Got home about 11pm.

Thursday 1999 - [to Newark, then Maumee Bay]  Left for Newark, got there about 10am.  Then to attorney's office for review of Wells sale contract, then dropped off tax return at accountant and we were on our way.  Had lunch at place on corner across the street from P.L., a gift from a hometown boy who became Governor of Ohio, [Myron] Herrick.  Then to Oberlin, a stop at a new retirement home, Kendall, very impressive.  On to Maumee Bay Lodge, we are in Room 201, beautiful place, nice indoor pool and 4 racket ball courts, etc. etc.


Catherine said...

From HH: 1989 - The old mill was west of Wells paint building. If one came out the office door, across Route 73 and down the street parallel with the RR track it would have been just beyond the last brick building, which faces Pearl Street, parallel to Route 73.

That corn place was on Careytown Road on one side and the RR tracks on the other side.

Catherine said...

From John: 1999 - name of the town we had lunch in was Wellington, Ohio just south of Oberlin.

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