Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yoo-Hoo---Anyone Home?

Awhile since the last blog and ready for some new news---anything from the Kings return to a new picture from Serena to KCC's arrival. I'm sure Serena and RUK will be glad to post pictures of the newest arrival.
Ginny and I returned from the seminar thing in Atlanta. I liked it except the music was so loud that my chest rattled and when I sat down, the seat vibrated!! If we end up going back next year I will definitely take ear plugs.
This past week Ginny and I watched "Meet Me in St. Louis" and when they manually turned out each light bulb, I couldn't help but remember G'ma Uible saying "DIE THE LIGHT!". Right now we're watching "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".

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serena said...

Wasn't the phrase "die out the light" . . .?

I've talked to Catherine a couple of times this evening and at least last time I talked to her Wendy was still at home waiting for KC3 to make his first solo appearance.

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