Thursday, December 14, 2006

KC sleeping, about to get his diaper changed. One of the few things that wakes him up. He's a good sleeper and eater and a very good baby! I'm thoroughly enjoying motherhood. It would be nice to get as much sleep as he does but being tired is worth it.


serena said...

Wendy Jean,

Did your ears burn this morning? We were wondering why you hadn't posted my photographs. (Not that we think that you have nothing better to do.)

Has KC3 outgrown any clothes?

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I learned the hard way that when the baby sleeps, you sleep! You will need to if you are going to keep up long term. Don't feel guilty for taking naps 2-3 times/day...will help you stay healthy and be able to keep up with all those feedings!

Catherine said...

Another great picture! He is truly adorable as people at work told me yesterday after he visited the library!

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