Monday, December 18, 2006

What's Happening

The King Christmas mailing list is almost completely finished. I went through last night and alphabetized it and checked it against all the various other lists to make sure that nobody was left off that was on one of the other lists and now I'm cleaning up - adding a few zip codes and checking a few minor details. THAT is the big news here. There are still a few things to do before the mailing list goes out. We're missing a few addresses - including Wendy Jean's address, the photo copied at Costco (of course), the actual photocopying of the letter, the border around the letter itself . . . Okay, a few details, but the worst is over . . . the letter itself is done as is the mailing list (well almost).

Talked to Roberta to confirm April dates. I tried calling the JJKA group, but, of course, there was no answer. Called Catherine at work and she confirmed and she had confirmed with Dad that yes those were the specific dates. So Roberta is now making definite plans and those April dates are the dates . . . no matter what.

Sid, Gerry, Catherine, Ken, Wendy Jean, KC and various other Counts, Jones and Morgans enjoyed a very pleasant evening last night celebrating Gerry's birthday at Fontanella. The food was great, too.

Well, more later . . . gotta get back to the mailing list.

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Catherine said...

Roberta, are you lurking? Any bets on when the folks might arrive?

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