Sunday, December 03, 2006

12834 Ballad

Just a quick note before we leave again......for Luby' know we are used to fine dining now! Had a wonderful trip and a very uneventful trip back a much cleaner home than we left thanks to Serena!

Our bed, meaning the mattress..... got flipped which is the first for that unless it happened by mistake when we moved!

We are ready to cruise again! Had a card from the Delta Queen folks, they must have forgot how they treated us this last year when our cruise was cancelled by them! More later, just tried to call the folks, but with no success! Can't wait to be a great aunt, does that make me old? Roberta the blogger is back on the 50 cents a minute I did my best to keep Sid off the floor that had the computers!


Catherine said...

Glad you had a good trip, Roberta & Sid! Will we be seeing you in the next few days? If you're in the vicinity of 19th & Bethany Home tomorrow or Tuesday AM stop by the hospital. I talked to the folks earlier this evening. Mother is having back pain but otherwise all is fine in Ohio according to them. Serena, are you still considering biking over tomorrow? You would be welcome. The library card is still out on the hutch near the garage door.

serena said...

Roberta -

It isn't being a great aunt that makes you old.

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