Friday, December 15, 2006

from KY

I am on my way to Lexington and spent the night in Somerset with Rudy and Susan (many of you remember the paramedic guy). Visitation tonight, funeral tomorrow for my friend Leah Davis who died of cancer Wednesday. We met at Seminary and she was a fellow music major and played piano for me whenever I sang, including the Master's Recital nearly 20 years ago. Should be back in Dublin late Saturday night. Anyone heard from HH and Luscious? Last time I spoke to them was Tuesday. Just wondering where/how they are doing....

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Catherine said...

Have a good trip and enjoy reminiscing with your friends. Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend Leah. I'll try to call the folks later today. I assume they are spending a couple days in New Orleans before moving on to Galveston. The Mexico information is for Roberta who is planning a driving trip with Sid and Sid's daughters to Rocky Point in January. Plus I was curious since we often walk across the border on the way to or from San Diego.

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