Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lunch with Ardyth

Gerry and I had lunch today with Ardyth, my friend from the Bicycle hosteling trip in 1968. She now has a daughter a year younger than Wendy living in Phoenix and came to visit her for the holidays. We have seen each other maybe half a dozen times in those 38 years -- the most famous of which was the trip we made from New Vienna to California together in 1969 in her red VW beetle. She now works as an R.N. for a blood bank in Humbolt County (far north-western) California. I could include a picture of the two of us on that trip BUT first I would have to read the article Serena gave me about printer/scanners, then I would have to go buy one, hook it up and scan the picture. Not going to happen this week! Thanks for the birthday/email greetings for Gerry, Roberta! See you at the airport, Monday evening.

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