Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!


The cinnamon rolls are rising. The bedroom is clean - but, no, Mother, you may NOT check under the beds, and the closet . . . well, one can walk through it . . . at least skinny cat can - fat cat might with some difficulty.

The black bean hummus is made - although I forgot that instead of a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper as called for in the recipe I always used just a half pinch. I think nobody will eat it and if they do, the smoke coming out of their ears will be a give away. The quiche and pumpkin pies need to get into production. The veggies are chopped. The Thanksgiving bread with cranberries, dates and raisins is edible according to expert Roberta. Still got a couple more kinds of bread I'm going to make, but those are the easy kind.

Well, got work to do . . . and time is wasting. Just wanted to wish everyone a very


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