Friday, October 13, 2006

Everyone busy?

I've checked the blog several times the last day or two, assuming that my blogline subscription must not be working---not even a new picture for a couple days. The only excitement here is that I'm taking some cmte. members to Statesboro (GA) tomorrow to listen to 3 organs as we consider what to buy in the next several months to replace the 30+ yr. old organ we now have at church. Sid, with his organ background, may recognize the name "Allen Organ" which is what we have now. They have a decent product but much of what you pay for is the name on the organ, kind of like you can buy an Atlanta Braves shirt with your favorite players name on it at a ballgame for $25++ or get the same shirt minus the name at a local discount store for less than $10. Allen, who has become known as one of (if not THE ONE) name in church organs also has the highest pricetag. We don't have anyone demanding a pipe organ who is willing to fork over the $500K necessary, so electronic digital for a fraction thereof is very appealing.

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Mom & Dad said...

We will have to look at the NVUMC organ for makes, for all we know it is digital and cost around $15M and can make all types of sounding music.

Mnister on vacation this weekend,so had the annual Gidgeon speaker.We met the Goodings at Max and Ermas (I 71 and 68) for lunch today for a 105 minute listening session. According to Bob, Lisa is still working 10-12 hour days. On way back stopped the Wilminton PL and bought two bags of books ($1 a bag).

Yesterday afternoon we visited Vivian Hiestand , who is now in a nursing home in Hilsboro (just across the hall from Sandy Rase)
Love Mom & Dad

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