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1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Feb.1

Tuesday Evening
February 1, 1977
Dear John,

How do you find things back in Granville after your extended absence, also after having lived in a glamorous place like Washington D.C.?  You find them by looking, right?

Thank you for the birthday card.  It did arrive exactly on my birthday.  It was nice talking to you on the phone especially when you called here at home.  You got me so flustered when you called at work that I don't think I was capable of carrying on a conversation.  Also I was unable to tell you our big news and that is that I am pregnant.  Gerry and I are very thrilled about that.  Roberta's been dying to tell everybody.  Did she tell you?  You'll have to wait until a future letter to hear more news about the forthcoming baby, however, since it will be several months yet.

We are looking forward to seeing Mom, Mary & Ruth here next week. It should be nice for them to get out of the cold for awhile but it sounds like Mary V. may be going to school all summer to make up for what she has missed.  Do you have any suggestions on what we should do while they are here?  I guess Mary wants to go to Tijuana but that is all that I have heard.

We haven't been doing too much.  This evening we went to the library and got some books to read.

We're going to start looking for a different apartment pretty soon.  We will probably stay in this general area of the city though since it is fairly central.

The new bed we got is really nice.  It is queen size and fairly firm and is a tremendous improvement over the flea ridden one that came with the apartment.  We hope next to get a kitchen table and then perhaps we'll get some baby stuff.  Mom said she'd bring me out some of her maternity things and I said well I'd be sure and take good care of them so Mary Virginia could use them when she had a baby.  Mary got a big laugh out of that.  She said she thought I'd be better off burning them.

Well, John, write again soon and tell us what is new on the campus scene.  We always enjoy hearing from you and what is expected of you!

Catherine & Gerry

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