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Mary Elizabeth Fawley 1887-1888

  • Mary Elizabeth Fawley 1887-1888 is 2nd cousin to GHU or 2nd cousin twice removed of Horton-Uible cousins.
  • She is related to us through our 2nd great-grandfather Noah Fawley
  • Noah Fawley's younger brother George married Noah's wife's (Sarah Wilkin) niece Rachel Pence
  • This is confusing
  • There are at least forty-four Mary's in our family tree

Mary Elizabeth Fawley was born January 20, 1887 in Hamer Township, Highland County, Ohio, and died at the age of 19 months on August 27, 1888.   She had one sister, Bertha who was born in 1883 and married Lee Williams.

Mary Elizabeth was GHU's second cousin as their grandparents were siblings.  Therefore she would be HH's second cousin once removed and our second cousin twice removed.

GHU's mother, Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand (1853-1929) was the daughter of Noah Fawley (1824-1914) and Sarah Wilkin (1828-1901).   Noah was the oldest of 12 children of John Fawley (1795-1892) and Mary Hawk Fawley (1804-1865).

Noah's brother, George Washington Fawley (1828-1876) and his wife Rachel Pence (1834-1913) were the parents of eight children, the fifth of which was George W. Fawley (1858-1909) who married Sarah Ollie Webster and were the parents of Mary Elizabeth Fawley.  They lived in New Market, Highland County, Ohio.

Rachel Pence Fawley's mother, Mary Ann Wilkin Pence, was the sister of Sarah Wilkin Fawley, GHU's grandmother.

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