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1987 Catherine's Letter -Jan.12

Monday, January 12, 1987
Dear Mother, Dad & Mary Virginia,

Hi!  This is the first time I've used the typewriter since I got it back from the repair shop (had to get a new motor belt) -- seems to be working well.  I've been thinking about getting a new one.  Just saw one advertised recently that can also be used as a computer printer.

We got your "new year's" letter last week with the Jane Brody clipping, thanks.  Also appreciated your phone call and of course the Christmas package.  We have been using the scented hot pad.  Those are nice matching watches that you sent Gerry and me.   Cute necklace for Wendy also.  We appreciate the $$ very much too!

I got my birthday card and check from Grandma today so she is on the ball.  Also included was our Christmas check (for 1986) and a letter of apology from Aunt Mary for "forgetting" us!

Also in today's mail was a letter from "Focus on the Family" informing us that you are giving us a gift subscription.  I am familiar with some of Dobson's books so looking forward to the "materials and magazine" they say I will receive soon.

We have been enjoying the Betty Crocker items from Mary V.  Gerry fixed the pasta salad last week and it was quite tasty.  We checked the store here in Colfax and they don't carry it but do carry little foil dressing mixes for pasta salad.  We may try one of them next as we both like pasta salad.  Wendy and I looked through the Buffet cookbook yesterday.  Some very fancy sounding (and terrific looking) recipes.  We'll have to stock up on some more ingredients.  We all ate plenty while we were on vacation so have been trying to eat "lighter" since we have returned home.

Saw where there was a snowstorm in the midwest -- did that hit you?  The ground remains bare here with temperatures in the 20ºs.  Road conditions have been good.  Only two more months until spring!

Storytime is back in swing at the library.  I only had 12 for my 10:00 session lasts week but then had 42 at 11:00 so I think several mothers were just running late!  The after-school session for school age is going fairly well.  I try to get volunteers to bring snacks and it seems like the same ones are doing it all the time so I'm trying to track down the parents of those who come regularly and haven't "volunteered."  I did booktalks at the Troy (13 miles east of Moscow) elementary school last Friday.  The 6th grade girls there have a "Storytellers Group" and they read to the younger classes.

Wendy and I are both enjoying the keyboard -- we play lots of duets with one of us playing the melody and the other the chords.  She has been practicing her hand positions and fingering.  I am impressed with its variety of rhythms and instruments.

Always glad to hear from you . . . .

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

P.S.  Forgot to mention I did call Aunt Harriett who was very vague about Roger & his wife.  (She wouldn't tell me her name or whether she was from Sanford.)  She did take my # though and Roger called a couple days later.  Both Roger & Harriett said to give you their regards.  (His wife's maiden name was Thompson – she's 11 year's younger than Roger so also younger than Gerry.)

[Roger's wife would be Betty and she is from Sanford.  Aunt Harriett Cochran Ballantyne, 1908-1990.  Roger, 1943-2008.]

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