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1977 Roberta's Letter -Jan.19

Roberta writes her letter (apparently to John) on the back side of The Trane Home Comfort Center appointment slips.

Hi – So how are you doing in our nation's capitol – I'm going to have my little 12 inch T.V. on all the inauguration stuff & keep my eye out for you.

I think I've written you on this paper before – it's my scrap paper – keep it in my case – I only worked 2 hours today – Freddie didn't give me enough houses – but alot of people weren't home – only got 2 orders – one of my worst days.

Right now we are working an almost all white area – it's alot harder to work – people aren't as nice – very seldom even get invited inside, etc.  But – even though I'm getting fewer orders – the ones I do get are good orders – usually w/right away delivery dates!

So what did you think of the wedding [Cris & Marita] – from the sounds of it – a big production.  Mom said Uncle Bill was really acting like hot stuff!

So what do you think of life in Wash?  Does it appeal to you?  Right now I'm getting the urge to travel – to move on – selling is fun – but not the challenge it was at first.  Just this week I've begun to feel myself get this way – I don't like the feeling – I'm not sure what to do about it – Well – enough about me –––

I had a letter from Zaz [?] she is coming out to see me – just for a weekend – probably in February – that will be exciting!  She will be a Grandma – isn't that hard to believe!  She can fly out here super cheap – her son works for TWA – but she is scared to death to fly.  Can't you just hear her now!!  I really like Zaz – even though we are so basically different.

I start adult education last week of January.  I'm taking Spanish & Auto Mechanics.  Are you laughing?  Maybe then I can help Fred fix the greenmobile – it's been out of function since Christmas – we've been going in either the Buick or Pauline's new car – a 1964 Rambler!

John – I'm sorry I haven't written – here you are my favorite brother & I haven't written you since you left.  No actually I wrote two post cards but I never got them in the mail so I doubt if you got them!!

The 3rd & 5th of the month I had all kinds of deliveries to make – about 20 [or 70?] each time.  The next delivery that will be a good one will be Feb. 1st.

I've started going to the Mormon Church near me – I'd go with the Spears but don't want them to get all excited about me going Mormon.  We have so much we could learn from them.  I've come to several conclusions about them – that the majority of them are really a special kind of people – they have a loving way about them – and they really try to live the commandments.  I've so much I could learn from them.  They have some good qualities – like they are willing to really take a stand against smoking, drinking, drugs, & be proud of their stand.

As for Joseph Smith & the book of Mormon – it has to be 1 of 2 things – the truth or one of the biggest & most imaginative stories around – and I want to – or intend to figure out which!

I'm so glad you brought out my typewriter, calculator, etc.  I've really put them both to use  – so thanks for hauling them out here –

I had a chance to go to Tijuana – you know – cross the border – Mexico tonight w/ some friends.  But I turned down the invitation – once was enough – and I really don't think I want to buy a brown leather jacket w/ strings.  But the Morgans seem very happy w/ theirs.

After you left – Deb, Morgans & I did a few things together.  She got so she never quit talking – wish we (the three of us) could have done more stuff – it's alot like it takes a week to break down all the formalities, etc.  – Maybe at another time & place ––

Have you thought anything about H.G. Farm – as far as canteen goes – so many possibilities – at least we (remember the partnership) have already learned alot from last summer – re soda, sugar candies, etc.  I think we should check out hats, we've got enough post cards.  Now here is the deal  – you do the paperwork for the canteen – 90% of the profit is yours – I'll take the driver salary ($650) – tips – we'll split or keep as given – but we'll share the work – to whatever works out best.  But thing I don't want to do – meet Skip at 1:00 AM in Dover!! HA!

I wrote Mr. Reem – told him we wanted to share jobs – he will give us no hassles.  Between the 2 of us we have 3 years seniority!

Got to go –


WRITE – when you can – Tell Serena hello.

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