Friday, January 27, 2017

1987 MV's Letter -Jan.25

Dear Mom, Dad and Kings –

Are you all watching the super bowl?  I didn't even know it was on today until this morning.

Serena's second letter arrived Tuesd Friday, but other than that, no personal mail.  The Elderhostel catalogs did come.

So far I've spent the night at the college and Diane Allen stayed here Friday and Saturday night we rented a VCR from Corner Shell.  For just under $10, you get the VCR and a free movie.  We saw The Witness, which was very good, and Passage to India.  Either I fell asleep or it was too intellectual, but I got nothing out of Passage to India.

At the Christian Armory Saturday, it was a 4-hour conference where they went through a lot of new music, most of which was geared toward Easter.  We didn't find a concerto we were wild about, so we got about 9 new individual songs and plan to do our own program.

After getting my first pay check Friday, I decided eating out for lunch is too big of an expense, especially 25% of my salary goes to taxes.  I'm sure you people figure it was coming but . . . the life of luxury is fading quickly.

The Advertising manager for Brown publishing had a meeting with us Friday.  We (the 4 in advertising) were handed a non-competition agreement to sign.  It's a contract saying we won't work for any other paper in a 50 mile radius for 2 years after we leave Brown publishing.

The contract itself wasn't fishy, but the guy kept giving us a pep-talk about how great Brown Pub. is and how glad they are that they own the WNJ.  Supposedly the contract/agreement was no big deal, but they wanted them signed right then or by tomorrow morning at the latest.

I think I told you that USA Today returned your call.  Other than that, there's really been nothing on the phone.

Sorry there's not much else new.  I had that Sausage & Sauerkraut with brussel sprouts Wednesday.  From Thursday afternoon on I found out what Sauerkraut does to your body.  Never again!  Hope everything is going well.  Enjoy the warmth.  The snow from Thursday is still on the ground.

Mary Va.

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