Wednesday, January 04, 2017

1987 Family Letter -Jan.4

Sunday, January 4, 1987

Dear Family:

The Christmas things are put away and we have the new calendars in place.  The tax forms and the seed catalogs have come in the mail and we can begin to see the hours of daylight growing.

We are enjoying having M.V. home with us, she is a big help around the house.  Serena has completed moving from Chicago to Bloomington, IN. and will be home this week before her school starts.  Our thoughts will be with the Morgans today as they fly from Boston to Spokane.  John and X were going to northern Ohio this weekend and we wonder how much snow they had.  NV ended up having none of the storm.  Roberta is sending us plenty of information about bike rides.  She sent us a clipping on "Americans are dedicated to fitness, and to parking as close to the stadium as possible."  The enclosed clipping is last Wednesday's weekly health column from the NYT.

In the Upper Room on Jan. 1st they talked of the motto: "Fifty-seven rules for making a success":  1. Deliver the goods.  2.  Never mind the other fifty-six.

[Love. etc. ]

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