Monday, January 30, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter to John -Jan.30

January 30, 1977
Dear John –

Hi – No more Watts line – so how come the pen & paper.  I'm carrying my plans through – broke the news to Fred – told him my father needed me for the busy spring season!  A lie – but it eased the situation.

How does it feel to be back in school?  I'm glad you had the opportunity to be in Washington – and hate to sound selfish but I'm glad you'll be at the farm this summer!  Let them have the opportunity to have us!

Let me know about the possibility of you coming to Florida?  It would be neat – but then you know what would be best for you – you might want to work at Wells – I'm hoping I can work there till June – it's been almost a year since I was there folding rope!!

The news is out – there is another Morgan on the way – you'll be an uncle – I'll be an Aunt –

I'm sure glad that Mom, Ruth & Mary Va. are coming – it will be fun – but doubt if we ride mo-peds + make any $.

Keep Warm –––


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