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1977 Catherine's Letter -Jan.13

January 13, 1977
Thursday Evening
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Thank you for all the letters we have received during the past week – including the one dated Dec. 12.  We are anxious to hear how the big wedding [Cris & Marita] came off, and your trip to and fro.

We have not been doing too much since John and Debby left.  Roberta was down with a cold for a a few days and I missed one day of work due to some sort of bug.  It seems to be going around.

We did buy ourselves a new bed.  We got a Ortho Supreme queen size if that means anything to you.  It is quite firm but we have both adjusted to it from the saggy thing that came with the apartment.  We had previously parked our bikes in the bedroom but with the bigger bed we have moved them back to the living room.

Speaking of bikes, Gerry's has a flat tire.  We were all set to patch it with my tube repair kit which still has a Daye's Hardware sticker on it (I  must have bought it in 1968).  The patch was fine but the glue had all dried out so we're going to have to buy some more rubber cement I guess it is.  Did I mention that we got DeeDee a bike for Christmas, or rather we had one made over that had been her cousins.  She has not yet completely mastered the technique of balancing.

I had no idea Linda & Barbara Rudisill were in San Diego.  Roberta sad she thought they were in L.A.

We have been having some work done on the car.  Last week it got a brake job and this week we haven't been driving it as the muffler is about to fall off.  Frank, a guy that works with Gerry and only lives 2 blocks from us has been taking us to work.

We've given him a ride several times when his wife needed the car or it was in the shop.  We plan to take it to Midas first thing Saturday morning.

Winter has arrived here in San Diego.  We have had several days of rain and the temperature has gotten down into the 40s.  Not too far away it gets colder than that and I guess the snow starts around 3000'.  Alot of people drive up to the mountains on the weekends to see the snow, go sledding, etc.  We really haven't felt that much desire to see it.

Hoping to hear from you all again soon –

Catherine & Gerry

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