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1975 GHU Letter -Dec.30

I have taken the liberty of adding paragraph breaks to Grandma's letter – she has a rather stream of conscious style and probably wouldn't have wanted to waste space for new paragraphs.  

Dec. 30 [1975]
Dear Family –

The old year of '75 will soon give way to the New.  Perhaps it is well to have a new start now an then.  

Mary, Marianne & R. just left to do a little shopping as Mary is getting ready to have a bridge party New Years Eve.  Mary & I made a box of cookies (lemon) this afternoon which turned out real well.  Marianne, Cris & Bill were playing golf.  Bill left work for a change.  Larry returned north Sun. night or rather Mon. morning at 2: A.M. & arrived home in time to report for work.  He called M. Monday evening.  He had worked for some time trying to make a reservation to get home.  

Bill has gone to the hospital to see Aunt Sarah.  She was to come here Sat. evening for an evening meal for Mary had invited Cris, Larna, & their son Glenn wife & 2 daughters who are here for 2 weeks visit.  Aunt S. for some reason said she had gone to the door on Fri & blacked out & don't seem to recall what happened but she hurt her jaw & her back.  Perhaps injuring a vertebra & has a contusion of the back.  The nursing home called here & of course it was up to Bill to arrange etc. for her.  He in turn called her son Sat. so that is about all of the story so far.  

Our little boy [oldest great-grandson, Robert Kintner] is a real good little fellow & at this age to be busy getting into things, as he walks everywhere.  Robbie & Cris left right after supper, where I don't know although they said something about seeing a movie.  

We had a letter today from Joseph & he said Catherine arrived safely &      ?      was taking her around during the afternoons while he was busy with his art exhibit.  She will likely tell you more about that.  He only sent a note but had sold several paintings & was to play the organ for a Catholic Mass N.Y. eve.  He & C were planning a trip for the weekend.  

Thanks for all the Christmas notes & especially Mary V. will keep in mind your special gift certificate.  The rest of the family thought they were all clever ideas for Christmas.  

John your letters are always welcome.  Sounds as if you are going to be busy during the New Year.  I am sure the Corner lot is taking on a new look & hope you are not doing too much.  

A very "Happy New Year" to you all.  

Love – 

[added on separate piece of paper]

Thurs. – Here it is N. Years Day & since my letter was rather a hurried note didn't get mailed in time yesterday.  I will make a try to-morrow.  But a letter came from Roberta so will enclose it as something might be different from your letters rec'd.  She seems to be getting along nicely.

We worked all day yesterday getting ready for the party last night.  There were 17 guests.  I went to bed at 10:30. I am not interested in bridge even though several wanted me to take a turn.  I am out of practice and never did like to play very much with that game.  

We had a few rather warm days but turned cool last evening.  The boys went deep sea fishing yesterday & Cris came home rather upset for he had been some what sea-sick & no fish to their credit.  

Cris will leave us to-morrow afternoon I believe he said.  The boys have been to the beach several times & they said traffic was crowded & people everywhere. 

It seems as if trailers have had a hard time in this vicinity to Key W. to find accommodations for parking etc.  Everything filled up.  It may be different after this week. 

Julie Norton & Stone & with their husbands each called during 2 afternoons.  Each couple had a dog.  Today parades & football.  

Love to All – Mother

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