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1975 Roberta's India letter -Dec.27

December 27, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Wanted to write to you & let you all know I had a nice Christmas – though not the traditional type!  With 7 people at home it must have seemed like a full house!

I'm leaving Bombay tomorrow after a very enjoyable time here – I was here for 12 days which went by very fast!  I'm going to Hyderabad – then to Bangalore.  Probably from there I'll go to Mysore City – but I'll just have to play it by ear!  I'm travelling by train to Hyderabad – 2nd class – only takes 18 hours!  Leave at 12:50 p.m. thus getting there early in the morning!  After the 1st of the year I won't be eligible for the student discount on the train so I plan to rough it this time on 2nd & will go 1st class from Hyderabad on.  2nd class to Hyderabad w/ discount is just 18 Rupees – about $2.25!

John – as you can see I made it to the post office for you.  Also I got some 1st Day Covers (is that what they are called?) which I'll either mail later or give you in March.

I'll miss the Indian hospitality I've had here - it has been a good experience staying w/ an Indian family.  They have had all kinds of excellent home-cooked Indian food for me – w/ every meal I've ––

Back again – for a few lines.  Television here runs just in the evenings from about 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 – or 10:00 p.m.  The schedules are always written up in the papers – there is only 1 channel.  The Jhangiana family waited 6 months for theres – then it was stolen after 3 months!  One day when hey were in the back room someone came in the front room & cut the wires & took off w/ it!

John – should you want more of a certain stamp – or any specific requests let me know & I'll try to accommodate.  It costs 25p to send a letter inside India.  You can buy fold up type (like aerogram) for 20p.

As to American standards things are cheap here – but when you think how much Indians make I don't see how they do it.  Benergee who is an engineer (has  year degree) w/ a good company makes 1200 Rupees a month – about $150!  He gets benefits – travel expenses, etc. on top of this but still . . . .  His dream is to come to the US to study – he's got the get up & go and someday he will make it.

Again – I'll close for now – Wishing you all the best – I'm heading South tomorrow – the MAGIC LAND of India!

Love, Berta

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