Tuesday, December 01, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter Oct.19

This letter was overlooked in October, so think back to before Roberta left for India, while Mom & Dad were on their New Zealand trip. Serena was at Park College, John was at Exeter, and Catherine was in Maine.  Ruth Shoemaker was in residence with Roberta and MV.

October 19, 1975
Dear John,

Hi!  Wanted you to know that all of us are acting like respectable young ladies while the folks are gone!

I'm making progress as to my trip – now have my plane ticket – also have got the back-pack out & going to make some practice runs (um - walks!)

Down at the factory we are punching jacks – I hate it – I'm slow and it hurts my fingers!  We're super busy now – Elvis Wiget was put in the hospital last week – kidney stones or something of the sort.  If you have the time drop him a card – he would surely appreciate it!

You are missing alot of good cooking – Ruth's pumpkin pies, chicken – Am I making you hungry?

How's work?  Last week on the Waltons John Boy got a job in his school library.

I was up at the Goodings this last week – they all said hello & all that.  Jim might go to Morehead KY to school.

Crop me a note & let us know how hard you are studying!  Ho, Hum –


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