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1975 Roberta's Letter & Hospital Medical Report -Dec.16

December 16, 1975

Dear Family,

Alot has happened since I wrote you yesterday morning.  When the girls came to see me they gave me the news that the 1st train I could get would be on December 27th!   Right after they left I contacted the Church Office to confirm my flight on the 20th.  At 1:30 I found out that the 1st flight to Bombay I could get would be after Christmas.  Then the chaplain came in to see me & I was telling him my situation & how I wanted to spend Christmas w/ my friend in Bombay.  Well he thought he knew someone that would be able to help me.  So he got busy & about 3:30 p.m. I was told that I had a reservation to leave this morning to Bombay.  I'm up in the air now – its all happened so quick its hard to believe it!  Yesterday afternoon they let me leave the hospital to go to the hostel – settle up my account & pack my things – I had to be back by supper.

This morning I got dismissed from the hospital q/ a clean bill of health.  Right now I'm tired but that is to be expected.  For  7  days I lay in a bed!  I know I'll have to take it easy for awhile – they kept telling me that this morning.

My flight left at 10:45 – at 8:30 three girls from the hostel came to go w/me to the airport.  As we were standing on the street (trying to catch a taxi) just outside the hospital one of the doctors came along that worked in the clinic.  He was on his way to the airport to pick up someone & would we like a ride.  We all piled in.  It took 50 minutes so we save alot of $.  The girls were able to see me off.  I had a $91.00 bill to pay at the hospital  $72.00 – plane ticket (WOW - but I'm enjoying every minute of it.)  $17.00 hospital bill, and the rest for telegrams I had sent out – I hope to be met today but I don't know - - - - -

In a way I hated to leave Calcutta today – there were some things I had hoped to do this last week – but I knew I didn't want to be there another week & a half.  I'll add a note when I get to Bombay – the Hollywood of INDIA!

I like Bombay – so clean.  My friends met me at the airport – now at there house.  Got letter from Ruth Shoemaker ––

Good flight here & so glad I'm here.

Love, Roberta

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