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1895 CJ Uible School Promotional Record

In January of 1895 Cecil Uible turned 12, and it appears his school year ended in February.  A later picture (March 1899) of Sycamore School on the Blanchester-Westboro Road is included in this post also.
1895 CJ Uible School Promotional Record - Cover
The Common School! Oh, let its light 
Shine through our Country's story
Here lies her wealth, her strength, her might
Here rests her future glory
The Public Schools
Sub-District No. 2, Jefferson Township, Clinton County, Ohio.  Monthly, Term and Annual Report of Cecil Uible –  Grades for the School Years, 1894-1895

1895 CJ Uible School Promotional Record with David Uible's signature

1899 Sycamore School students including Cecil & Serena Uible (spelled incorrectly as Ubile).  Front row left to right: Truman Donahoo, Harry Donahoo, _____ Straw (boy), Stanley Hammer, Cecil Garner, George Hammer, Harvey Daugherty, Elva Straw, Eldridge Straw, and Guy Berger. Second row, Leslie Hudson, Eugene Hudson, Estus Hammer, Bertha Daugherty, Viola Berger, Ethel Conner, Verna Greene, Ocie Daugherty and Maude Cochran.  Third row, Cecil Uible, Carl Moon and teacher Lora Lindsey Creamer.  In doorway, Serena Uible, Lily Cochran, Louis Hammer and Otto Daugherty.

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