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1975 Roberta's India Letter -Dec.19

[First three lines are typed]
December 19, 1975
Dear Family,

Got your aerogramme today written Dec 3rd . . . . think the one mailed later got here quicker.  I had thought it would be quicker to type this out but now I have my doubts.  I'm too spoiled as to electric typewriter!

I did receive your 1 letter in Calcutta –Zakhania [?] said I had another one but they lost it.

I was quite surprised about the news of Catherine going to see Joe.  It will be a good trip for her & I know she will enjoy it!  What will Serena do the month of January?

Now Sunday AM – did not go on cave trip as they thought maybe too much for me – I do feel fine but I find myself getting tired & must get plenty of sleep.  I've been taking naps usually in the afternoon.

Bandra [note return address] is about an hour from center of Bombay – by bus.  There is also good local train service which can get you to town in about 40 minutes but both times we have gone downtown we went by bus so I could see more of the sights.  It cost 70p to get to town.  (100p makes 1 Rupee – 1 Rupee is 12¢.)

I had 2 dresses made at a tailors and now wear them instead of the pants.  So much cooler & easier to wash out.  Since I've been here the maid has been doing all my clothes – which I've really enjoyed!

Bansrgee [?] lives w/ the Jhangiani family – they have 2 children – a girl 14, boy about my age.  Also have a daughter in Japan.  B. has a motorbike which is quite handy in getting around.  He works as an engineer for a factory which is not far from Bandra – but also has an office for the same factory downtown.

Did the pictures turn out OK?  I know I messed up on alot of them by not having the Indoor/outdoor thing right – I'm careful now – but of course too late for the 1st bunch.

Its been so nice staying here – the family is typical Indian – make you feel right at home.  When I wake up I'm served tea – then later a good breakfast – about 2:00 lunch – About 5:00 tea & snacks. Supper usually isn't till 9:00-9:30.  We've eaten a few meals out but most of the time eat here.  On Thursdays they have no meat or egg!  They do not eat beef or port – but do eat lamb, chicken & lots of fish.  We usually go about 7:00 PM to buy the fish fresh.  At night they sell it super cheap – because it cost too much for ice to store it.  For the 6 of us we usually pay 3 to 4 Rupees for the fish.  The Bombay Dock [or Deck?] is excellent.

As I said before  – keep sending letters here – they will forward them on to me – Address again is [same as return address on envelope.]

I'm making my plans for after Bombay – will try to keep you posted.  Tues. we are going to Nagpur – B. has to go there on business.  Going to go by train – more details later –

Again – thanks for the letters – I'm glad everyone is fine – HOT here – esp. during the day –

Love, Roberta

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