Friday, December 04, 2015

1965 Serena's Letter & Christmas Program

1965 Calvary Methodist Church, Lake Worth Florida -Dec.1
Christmas Program with Serena as Mary, Cris Horton as Storekeeper
[postmarked 6 Dec 1965]
Dear Everybody (including M.V.)

Please put the program in my file (after you look at my beautiful name).  Mr. pathethitic [sic] (David Starr) was so busy being nervos [sic] he forgot to act up and (I was to busy being nervos (too) I forgot to remind him).

Very, Very sorry to say thought but anyway I didn't have any normal cold I had a gigantic one so at the end of 2 weeks I was completely over with my cold.

Your unhomesick daughter or sister,
Serena (Uible)

P.S.  Be seeing you soon (I hope).  We saw Snow White (at a movie) details later.
P.P.S.S. I can play Silent Night on the organ and I am working on the chords and pedals.  Aunt Mary want to keep me to teach me to play the piano.

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