Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sept. 4, 1989-99 New Vienna Lions Club

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1988 - [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Monday 1989 - [Labor Day] Trimmed shrubbery around house, planted grass seed at Mothers, cleaned grass out in front of Wells.  Went to Hillsboro, supper at Rax.  Administrative Board Meeting.  GHU is still using her Mother's purse, she [her mother] died in 1928 (?).

Wednesday 1991 - Took Wade R. to Lions Club, program on hospice.  Peggy Peelle retired as County Treasurer after 26½ years, her niece is the next Treasurer.  Ken Hughes borrowed van to take his Dad to Hospice in Dayton. 

Friday 1992 - Had our pictures taken at AAA in Hillsboro, $5 each.  Doris Jean _______ retired from Highland County Probate Court after 47 years there.

Saturday 1993 - Ate at new Chinese Restaurant in Hillsboro, good meal but they needed more help.  Got gas for 101.9¢.  Bill Horton having trouble with his back.

Sunday 1994 - [Ephraim WI] Breakfast at the Inn included juice,  granola, and a BIG serving of baked egg dish with cornbread and what seemed like a quantity of parsley.  Went to UMC in Egg Harbor.  Drove over to Bailey Harbor and walked around at a fruit farm near Ellison Bay.  They had lots of samples of crackers and "spreads."   Had dinner reservations at the White Gull Inn [in Fish Creek WI] for the Fish Boil.  They have 3 seatings, 5:45, 7, and 8:15.  $13.75 each [now $18.95], two pieces of fish, 3 potatoes, cole slaw, and cherry pie a la mode.

Monday 1995 - [Labor Day, Murphin Ridge to home] Had breakfast at 8:15, juice, melon, crumpets and light pancakes.  Kate calls them waffles and really like them.  John leaves for a week in Mexico the first of October on a mission trip.  Had lunch at Long John Silvers in Hillsboro.  Baked fish sandwich, $1.79.  Jean had Mothers Club program at Mary McMillins.  She is going to take the trip to Iceland. 

Wednesday 1996 - Oh the problems with Sheffield deed.  Got 45-year pin at Lions Club.  Dana Dunswith spoke on the Internet, 16 present.  Had Bible Study here, Ray King, Keith Rankin, the Nusbaums, Georgileah and Jay Ewing.

Thursday 1997 - We went out to Donald Bernards.  He had a knee operation in 1990, when we visited them in FL and another knee operation recently.  They showed us picture cards that we sent them over the years and guessed where the pictures were from.   [Article attached from WNJ 9/4/97 but I think was referring to something that happened xx years ago:  The New Vienna Lions club observed its 25th anniversaryMembers throughout that duration were R.W. Fenwick, Dr. L.H. Fullerton, R.W. Mongold and Russell Faris.  Fullerton was treasurer all 25 years.   My guess is that the Lions Club in NV started in 1947, Dad got his 45-year pin in 1996, so he joined in 1950 or 1951 and thus is not listed as a member during the entire first 25 years.  What about Granddad?]

Friday 1998 - Went to Dr. Engle again, an hour wait.  He wants me to have this heart catheterization [or cauterization] at UC soon.  I have conflicting signs of trouble.  Cris called, all excited about starting his own business.  He has rented at 5,000 square foot building and his first customer is his present employer.

Saturday 1999 - [to Somerset KY] Ed Jones will be be 83 on 9/12.  Left for Somerset about 9am, traffic back up on I-75 north of Georgetown, so we got on US 25 to Georgetown and then OK.  Had picnic supper at Pam Cates, what a hilly yard and what a crowd.  Two couples there from Thomasville GA whose grandson was to get the Scout award.  The scouts parents now live in Augusta GA.  Got the tires rotated on the car, then found we had no reservation at the Hampton Inn but did get in at the Comfort – a handicapped room with a sit down shower seat.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Re: the Lion's Club, I may be wrong, but didn't CJ pass away before the 25th anniversary? That would be my guess as to why he is not listed. Watching the "Hour of Power" in honor of Mother! Interesting to see Dr. Schuller with his daughter who will be taking over eventually!

Catherine said...

Mary, you are entirely correct, since he died in 1968 and we're assuming the Lions Club started in the late 40s. Just seemed like he should have been one of that group of New Vienna luminaries who evidently outlived him.

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