Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept. 10, 1988-99 Kate: 13lbs. and 25"

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1988 - [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Monday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Tuesday 1991 - [USSR trip through 9/18/91]

Thursday 1992 - Bob Bean, Allen McKay were in office, also Sheffield lock box opening in AM in Hillsboro and Freeland appraisal in the afternoon. We ate at the Chinese Restaurant near K-Mart, $16 with tip. There are two vacant stores in that mall. Bought new ridged pipe wrench at M-Berham's [?] for $20. Wade had a cartload of pears [or peas] out front for the taking. H.G. Murphy, Tisdale TX passed away, spoke with Dingle [or Dimple?].

Friday 1993 - [Newark] Met Clark Morrow (a lawyer for 60 years) [E. Clark Morrow, graduated from Denison in 1930, law degree from Case Western, was an economics professor from 1935-1968 and a lawyer in Newark, he died 1/20/2007 at the age of ~98] in Granville and two other lawyers and drove to Aladdin [Shrine] Temple for the Advanced Probate Meeting. Mark M. only other one there from Clinton County. Jean stayed in Newark. Kate had her shots, now weighs 13lbs. and is 25" long. Read in paper where Roses with 217 stores filed for bankruptcy.

Sunday 1995 - [China trip with Roberta, etc. through 9/27/95]

Tuesday 1996 - Ray King showed pictures of England, too many for the UMW meeting.  Mowed grass, first time since 8/10/96.  John Montgomery was down, they have a bike path in Bowling Green now.  Put up Rubbermaid clothes holder in other bathroom.

Friday 1999 - [Tacoma] Drove over to Gig Harbor to see the Liggetts.  Had lunch at their house, think it has been 9 years here for them.  Dinner at Tides Tavern, right on the water.  Impressive High School near the Chinaberry B&B where we are staying in Tacoma.  [1999 credit card statement included on this page.]

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