Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sept. 7, 1989-99 Ginny's 10-week birthday

Wednesday 1988 - [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Thursday 1989 - Took Hortons to Cincinnati airport.  Had lunch at Chester's Roadhouse [torn down to make way for a car dealership according to this blog] in Hamilton.  Good, soup and salad $4.95.  Made purchases at King's Island Paper Place at Outlet Mall for MV's 10/8/89 "party."  Visited Young Ho Kim and J. Sweeney at Florence Mall area.

Saturday 1991 - [USSR trip through 9/18/91]

Monday 1992 - [Labor Day, Kentucky] We went to Stearns and took the train to Blue Heron, 6 miles, very interesting exhibit on coal mining life in the area.  Fare was $7.95 each.  Then an early supper at Du Pont Lodge at Cumberland Falls State Park.  MV had neighbor over for Ginny's 10-week birthday.

Tuesday 1993 - Jean and I worked at the Leadership Clinton booth at the Corn Festival, not much activity. Had a walking tour from the WUMC.  The NVBSA were selling cinnamon rolls.

Saturday 1996 - [Columbus to home] Had buffet breakfast at the hotel [Holiday Inn], 20% off card.  Waitress was quite a talker, about buying these figure [?] pictures and then charging people admission and also hep on style of baskets, etc.  Went by barber college, but it was $5.  Made a stop at both outlet malls, I-71 is now open on both sides.  We worked at Corn Festival, cobbler was very popular.  At the Rubbermaid outlet got two blue kitchen waste baskets at $2.39 each.  Betty Stevenson called, she will take the District UMC job.  Jean is happy.

Sunday 1997 - Went to Murphin Ridge, new owners, Jerry and Sheri McKinny of Dayton.  The Crossets [?] have an apartment across from the Mariemont Inn.  He gave us some extra muffins.  Gallon of milk 97¢ at K-Mart.

Monday 1998 - [Labor Day] John, Julie and Kate left about 11am after we had taken the few things out of the attic.  Seemed to be more ants or ? around the chimney which I sprayed.  Cleaned up the loose tile in the basement. Jean had Mothers Club meeting at Martha Ann Bernards.  Esther had the program and then she introduced her nephew who also spoke on his mission trip to Russia.  Jean got home about 5:45.  Watched a show about Lewis and Clark on TV.

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