Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sept. 8, 1988-99 Hortons off schedule

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1988 -  [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Friday 1989 - [to Columbus] O.B.A. program on Estate Planning at Capitol Hyatt, overnight at Hilton North, Room 396, $39 includes continental breakfast for $2.75 each.  Had supper at Umberto's in mall next door.  Took city bus to hotel,  75¢.

Sunday 1991 - [USSR trip through 9/18/91]

Tuesday 1992 -  [Kentucky to home?]

Wednesday 1993 - The Hortons went to Newark to get Joe, were scheduled to be there at 10:30 and they arrived at 1pm.  Joe has all these snapshots of his paintings, he has gone to a more expensive frame for his pictures.

Thursday 1994 - K-Mart announced the closing of its Wilmington store (along with 109 other stores), opened 18 years ago.

Friday 1995 - Jean talked to 6&20 club at Kathleen Blake's on Leadville, Colorado.  Pearl Halpin passed away.  Harold Cooper called me at 7:15 as he is to be the executor.

Monday 1997 -  MV called us and told us that Julie had lost the baby that was due next March.  We took the Bartells to ⃞ dance first lesson class.

Tuesday 1998 - Hollister-Strickland debate at Wilmington College.  [Ted Strickland and Nancy Hollister were both candidates for Ohio's 6th Congressional District, Strickland won his second term and served as Congressman until 2007 when he became Governor.  Hollister was Lt. Governor at the time, she served as Governor for the first 11 days of 1999 and later served in the Ohio House of Representatives from the 96th District.]  We sat next to Nathan Hale.  Article in the WSJ that Safeway might buy Kroger's. [That never happened, instead Kroger has bought out a few other grocery chains and in early 2010 was ranked as "America’s largest grocery store chain (by sales) and ranks #1 or #2 in 38 of its 44 major markets. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger [[KR]] posted record fiscal 2009 sales of $76.7 billion."]

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