Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept. 29, 1989-99 Grandma likes pie

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1986 - [Philippines and Korea trip through 10/10/86]

Saturday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Tuesday 1992 - Mother fine today. Working on an interview [?] test for EWT. Jean called Sankers, their 2 week Alaska trip ended after 5 days, too cold and snowy. [Note from Grandma's caregiver included: Ate (75%) good, sleepy in a.m. but very alert at lunch. Very alert in p.m. Ate HUGE supper, ham loaf, green beans, sweet potato pie, tomato, etc.  Good shape.  Said she liked other pie better though but ate all of pie.  Awake at 7 or so when I left.  Said she wanted to stay up.]

Wednesday 1993 - [New England and Nova Scotia trip through 10/10/93]

Thursday 1994 - [Lancaster PA to Wilmington DE] Drove to Longwood Gardens, $10 each.  We ended up spending the day with supper at Longwood Inn.  Went back at 7:30 to see the water, lights and music show.  Bought two big pots of mums for $6 each which we put out on our front walk next to the porch.  Afterwards we visited the M... Wallace, we went to Costa Rica with them.  Stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Wilmington area.

Friday 1995 - Slowly getting back on schedule [after China trip].  Very sleepy after supper.  Got literature on 6/1/96 trip to Eastern Europe.  Gene Williams went into the hospital.  Can't keep food down.

Sunday 1996 - [Charlotte NC to home] Breakfast with the room and was on the road at 7:30, stops at VA welcome station and WV welcome station.  They have all these crafts for sale there, a very modern place built in 1992.  Had lunch at Huntington Mall at Morrisons, a very busy place.  They have the works – salad, 2 vegetables, entree, bread and sweet from $5.29 to $5.89.  Les Purtee called and said how bad Aleda Purtee is.

Monday 1997 - [Freedom Years Riverboat tour] Left from Columbus to Pittsburgh to Nashville and by bus to Chattanooga with Park National Bank Freedom years.  Went to the aquarium in Chattanooga, very interesting and then sailed on MS Queen at 7pm.  We're in cabin 257.  Early seating for dinner is at 5:30 (other seating at 8pm).  Other 2 meals you can eat in saloon and seat yourself or in dining room and they you at a table.  We ate with the John and Vi Park and Frank and Eleanor Kobe (9/14/16).  For our class of cabin it was $3554 for the 7 nights, wow.

Tuesday 1998 - Item in WNJ about Tom Brumley death at 71 of cancer.  Went to see Betty Streber.

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