Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept. 20, 1989-99 Kate rolls over

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Portland to Bangor ME] Drove to Freeport, LL Bean and loads of factory stores, no bargains.  Lunch at New Meadow Inn in Bath.  Visited Hole in the Wall art studio and library in Camden.  In Bangor at 5pm but hard time to find SC [hotel?], supper at Pilots, visited library and went grocery shopping.

Thursday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Friday 1991 - Took Lawrence and Linda Hiestand to Frischs for lunch, then to Dale Hodsons [?] to see their old cars, one is a 1909 Ford.

Monday 1993 - John called, Kate can roll over now.

Tuesday 1994 - [Roberta visiting] Wanda Armstrong brought over political signs to put up.

Friday 1995 - [China trip with Roberta, etc. through 9/27/95]

Friday 1996 - [to KY] We had the car loaded with clothes for MV when she called and said "not to come."  Since we had planned to go on beyond, we left and got to Somerset about 6pm.  Ate at Bob Evans.

Saturday 1997 - Jean went to Annual Day at Georgetown.  Cleaned up at GHU's, planted three trees across the street.  Went ⃞ dancing in Hillsboro.  The Coffees told us about Bud Sweeny passing away with cancer at 69.  Her sister Marguerite is 80.  Mike Daye (he's been teaching chemistry and physics for 8 years) spoke at our UMC men's group breakfast.  This past summer, Mike, his wife, 2 children and Glenn and Dorothy went out west visiting 17 national parks.

Sunday 1998 - Went to CMH for lunch and the program on cholesterol.  Jean had her's checked, was 197, trig-266, HDL-54, LDL-90, VLDL-53 and Chol/HDL ration 3.7 (<4.5).  Then to Fort Ancient Museum, admission $5 (our season membership took care of that).  Lots of history there.  We were there for about two hours.  Rain finally came.  Went to Rod's for supper, fish dinner was $4.40 and I had Rod burger.  New church on S.R. 350 now open.

Monday 1999 - [Holden Village WA]

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Catherine said...

From Dad: 1991- Dale Hodson [4/23/1933] is correct, his Dad (W.A. Hodson) and CJU often worked together on road projects. The Hodsons live in Highland, Ohio. Dale has had poor health.
Those 19 years since the [New Zealand] Hiestands were here have gone fast. That
would be a great trip [for anyone wanting to visit NZ].

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