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Wilmington College Delta Omega Theta Sorority

Found this in Wilmington College Alumni Magazine of June 1957 (while looking up Virginia Hildlebrant) and many of the names seem familiar as New Vienna / Clinton County locals.  The ones I actually know were from New Vienna, are bolded in the last paragraph.  I added graduation dates for those who were listed elsewhere in the magazine.  Among the 1957 graduates were Paul William Terrell, whose Mother Elizabeth Wical Terrell graduated in 1936.

In other exciting WC news of 1957, Jane Fenwick, a junior from New Vienna was crowned as the 1957 May Queen.  Harry S. Rowe '15 who was survived by his widow, Elba McKay Rowe is listed as among the recently deceased.   Faith Austin Terrell '12, gave the baccalaureate sermon. She is the mother of James Terrell, x-'44, Margaret Terrell Culbertson, x-'45, Nancy Terrell Brewster, '47, and Elizabeth Terrell Wolff, '50, served as a member of the board of trustees since 1932, as secretary of the board since 1940. She was one of the first deans of women at the College and also taught history and education at the College at one time.  Charlotte Pugsley Hause '42 is listed in the "news" section but without any news.

Any idea of what "x-" as in x-'36 might refer to after an alumni's name as opposed to just '36?  My best guess is that they either graduated at a different time of year, went on to take more classes, or were part of that class but then didn't graduate.

Although I could find very little about a national Delta Omega Theta organization (their website is "under construction"), I did find a MySpace page for the Wilmington College Group (last updated 2009) which says they now have 1,094 members and are the oldest sorority at WC.

1957 Wilmington College Alumni Magazine from pages 15, 26, and 27:
More than two hundred members of Delta Omega Theta Sorority were on hand for the dinner, May 31, which marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of that organization. And it was, in the words of the Wilmington News-Journal, "one of the most delightful and beautiful events in Wilmington's long history of gala affairs."

"Delts" from far and near began gathering at 4:30 P. M. at Snow Hill Country Club and among those present were three of the six charter members. It was on the evening of Nov. 15, 1907, that six girls gathered at the home of Hazel Hayes Metzger, one of the charter members, to begin the organization that now possesses a membership of 617 members. Other charter members were: Delia Hadley Hiatt, Joy Vance Greene, Mary Moon Lewis, the late Ruby Fisher Evans, and the late Mary West Thorne. On hand for the event were charter members Hazel Metzger, Delia Hiatt, and Joy Greene. Also present was Isabel Watkinson Smith, of Tulsa, Okla., who with the late Anna Hummel became the first "Delta" pledges.

The program which followed dinner began with a welcoming speech by the 1956-1957 Delt alumnae chapter president, Mildred Davis Flint x-'31. During the program a memorial service was conducted in tribute to 26 members who have passed away, a talk "Viewpoint of the First Pledge" was given by Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Greene spoke on behalf of the charter members, and the charter members were each presented with a golden link bracelet with golden disc, engraved with the owner's name, the Greek letters of the sorority and the years "1907-1957."

The program also included group singing, a humorous fashion show, beginning with the styles of the 1900's, and the welcome into the chapter of the June graduates. Officers of the chapter during the past year were: Mrs. Flint, president; Hilda Brown Brandehoff '35, vice-president; Joan Reynolds Lambcke, secretary; Emily Hiatt Cornett, corresponding secretary; and Jean Linton Heiland '39, treasurer.

Officers elected for 1957-58 were Mrs. Brandehoff, president; June Leppert Harcum, vice-president; Marjean Noftsger Fischer, secretary; Mary Bell Miars Bernard, corresponding secretary; and Virginia Sims Sutton, treasurer.

From Wilmington:
Ruth Oren Andrew, Marilyn Head Atsalis, Anna Jean Hiatt Baker, Cleo Clark Bales, Elizabeth "Wallace Barns, Gwendolyn Frame Bath, Stella Savage Bath, Betty Simmons Beam, Eleanor Wall Beam, Marie Stella Bennett, Tregenna Terrell Bond x-'23, Sara Diboll Bonecutter, Damaris McMillan Boring, Hilda Brown Brandehoff, Norma Robinson Buckingham, Elsie Fisher Buckley, Virginia Perry Buckley, Mary Wood Bumgarner, Rosemary Bernard Carey, Frankie Starbuck Champlin, Marilyn Rhodes Clickner, Emily Hiatt Cornett, Marie Myers Cowman, Mary Elizabeth Hoskins Creamer '36, Helen Hodson Davis, Kathryn Davis Dean, Edwyna Stanforth Ellis, Mary Kelly Farquhar, Virginia Hartman Farquhar, Helen Skimming Feike '24, Marjean Noftsger Fischer, Mildred Davis Flint, Janet Wilson French, Jean Benham French,

Betty Miller Foland, Nancy Gebhart, Marilyn Achor, Betty Brown Hague, Kathryn Moore Hale, Jo Hansford, June Leppert Harcum, Gretchen Hardin, Mary Jane Peterson Harcum, Katherine Pemberton Hare, Helen Dymond Harlan '21, Barbara Brandon Hazard, Jean Linton Heiland, Delia Hadley Hiatt, Mabel Hadley Ireland, Esther Sehuer Janes, Shirley Conner Lakatos, Joan Reynolds Lambcke, Grace Learning, Louise Truitt Linton, Anna Lou Easter Lumpkin, Betty Speer Mason, Helen McCoy, Kathryn Hunt McNemar '39, Katherine Fisher McCoy, Hazel Hayes Metzger, Sylvia Sanders Miars, Beverly Mart Mahalik, Kathleen Morris Minton.

Betty Knight Murphy, Nina Hendrick Nichols, Helen Starbuck Os-born, Mildred Pennington, Janet Jones Perkins 'x-57, Barabara Knick Plummer, Elizabeth Steele Plymire, Mildred Morris Purdom, Kathryn Bright Pyle x-'24, Ellen Peelle Robinson, Mildred Pyle Sapp, Elizabeth Sharkey '28, Harriet Lawhead Shrieves, Ruth ProbascoDoan Starbuck, Jane Sharkey Stephens, Rosella Hutchens Stratton, Virginia Sims Sutton, Louisa Metzger Swaim, Helen Taylor, Rose E. Taylor '44, Anna Louise Eveland Telfair '32, Ann Ireton Tucker, Betty Miller Turner '35, Mary Ann Turner, Beatrice Walker Warren '48, Betty Johns West, Charlotte Daugherty Wilson, Geraldine Spare Fawley, and Nancy Bezona Yaple.

From out-of-state:
Effie Peelle Williams, Esther Weltz Patterson, Elma Roberts Robinson, Isabel Watkinson Smith, Christine Palisi, Althea Hadley Moses, Carol Moses, Eleanor Linton Morgan '15, Sally Brown Jones, Esther L. Farquhar '12, Mary Frances Bashore Miller, Sue Miller, Gladys Grigg Hale, Edith Greene Lukens, Ruth Benedict Hare '21, Betty Becker Hiner, Rose Sliker Linton '15, Louise Sprague McClure '29, and Lorena Bales Elliott.

From Ohio other than Wilmington:
Mary Terrell Sanders, Helen Ruff Mack '28, Mary K. Lytle, Henrietta Collett Miller x-'33, Freda Custis Carlson x-'35, Janie Boring Dunlap, Mary Ellen Hazard Galvin, Kathleen Haines, Louise Johnson White, Hazel Burns, Agnes Chisholm, Lois Cutter Doll, Mary Coate Forrance, Mariellen Wilson Lusk, Mary Helen Gausche Remler, Mary Ann Bishop Ritchie, Constance Wittee, Marilyn Vorse Yaple, Cindorella Miller Abel, Alice Eyre Adams, Marcella Blue Amos, Jo Ann DeHaven Hiatt, Dorothy Hunt, Anna Louise Cook Hutchins, Lois McKay Irvin, Gretchen Tyler Johnson, Olive White, Mary Bales Bowersox, Rosalyn Haines Fisher, Helen Haworth Carroll, Jewell Roark, Marian McVey Miller, Martha Haines Cozadd '23.

Martha Kennon Torsell, Kathleen Snyder Weimer, Ruth Carter Traucht, Dorothy Haines Linkhart, Martha Allen Sollars, Dorothy West Tullis, Carolyn Vallery, Shirley Young Tucker, Harriett Rulon Faller, Evelyn Kersey Swartzel, Vera Price Gatch, Edith Halbisch, Odessa Woods Coleman, Phyllis Colliflower, Elizabeth McAllister Burns, Mary Garland Daniel, Frances Byus Wilson, Mary Weltz Doll, Betty Denehy, Sue Eidmiller, Louise Beaver Metcalf, Sarah Walker Alkire, Betty Jane Babb, Hester Zeigler Hobble, Ruth Sheridan Schnell, Joy Baker, Lorie Duvall Briggs, Charlotte Spilker Hern, Bess Hunter Moorehead, Carlene Phillips, Lillian Sliker Carr '17, Joy Vance Greene, Dawn Baldwin Kersey, Frances Loer Spencer.

Fosteen Spencer, Mary Whitehead Booco, Noretta Ray, Mary Shidaker Coate, Mary Lou Moore Cole, Mary Schotts Probasco, Ruth Woods Ream '28, Sylvia Hartsock Macduff, Patricia Behm Stamm, Wanda Lane Ames, Mary Elizabeth Farr Stanfield, Jean Ann Barrett, Rosemary Becker Carter, Norma Manifold Hobble, Kathleen Matson Walker, Mary Louise Collins Ertel, Wahneta Fisher Hamilton, Dorothy Steele Brackney, Ruth Morris Tuttle, Dorothy Champlin Moon, Betty Bell Beam, Martha Ann Hodson Bernard, Rachel Mary Lukens Bernard, Louise Haworth Bloom, Mary Ruth Boyd Custis, Joyce Hildebrant, Virginia Eaton Hildebrant, Betty Wical Terrell x-'36, Faith Austin Terrell '12, Dolly Marvin Chance, Betty Farquhar Hannah, Ruthanna Larkin Senne, Beverly Villars Williams, Mary Bell Miars Bernard, Louise Head and Helen Head Ford.

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Your mother is reading this "news" this morning and was looking over her shoulder. I guess I missed it first time around.

Anyway, your last guess is right about x 'XX (graduation year). It indicates that the person was once a member of that class, but for whatever reason did not graduate from the institution - whether they attended for 1 term or four years (as long as they didn't graduate).

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