Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aug. 25, 1989-99 Wendy to Scotland

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Jean had breakfast at the Corner Restaurant with Helen Weekes who is doing an article on the small town restaurants for the WNJ.

Saturday 1990 - Mares got traffic ticket, didn't like the expression "gray hair."

Sunday 1991 - GHU at noon, George Steele was good before his operation four months ago.  We met Serena in Lebanon, walked around and had supper at Kansas City Stockyards.  She is talking of going to USSR next summer to see Koha..... [?].

Tuesday 1992 - Calling hours for George Henderson, brought back memories of picking strawberries there in the 30's.  Had our 2nd espanol lesson with Jim Marshall.  Getting Art Bloom and Joan Sheffields estates started. 

Wednesday 1993 - [Wendy leaves, Roberta arrives] It was a short night, Wendy was up about 4am, plane left at 9:55, we left here about 7:30.  Roberta came in an adjoining gate at 10:10, so went directly to Hillsboro to see GHU.  She now weighs 97.6 pounds.  Wendy left one bag here, so went with two large and heavy bags to Motherwell Scotland.  Got 13# turkey at Kroger's for 49¢/lb. 

Thursday 1994 - [Richmond IN to Chicago IL] Had an on the run lunch at Merrillville IN.  Visited exhibit at Newberry Library, also the fancy Nike STore on N. Michigan Ave.  Stayed at Red Roof at Northbrook and had dinner at Le Francais Restaurant (5-stars) in Wheeling [now closed but couldn't find any details].  Early bird dinner was $35 each.  We were there two hours, three mini chocolate desserts.  Lots of construction work on I-94 on north side. 

Friday 1995 - [Chautauqua NY with Aunt Mary] Had breakfast at the deli in our hotel.  Program on the press and reporting.  Lunch at the UMC, $4 each.  We walked down to the Bell Tower and then took the tour of the grounds at 4pm, $2 each.  For supper we ate at Tally Ho, nice meal.  The USO Band put on the evening program.  We sat in front of Dr. Temaris and De. Selznick from the Cincy area.  We went to Vespers at 9:15 and then social hour at the Presbyterian House across the street.

Sunday 1996 - Went to Corwin and rode bike trail to Oregonia, 6 miles and had supper at the Little River Cafe, $30 for two of us.  Bike path recently opened. 

Monday 1997 - [Coral Gables FL to home?]

Tuesday 1998 - Finally went to Dr. Hamak [?] at Family Practice, Dr. Holton is in charge there.  Got chest x-ray at CMH.  They say I may have heart valve problems.  Staples opened in Wilmington.  500 #10 security envelopes for $7.87.  Dwayne Dexmiller [?] (lives in old Raymond Deck property] was here on some legal business and he offered to help us on the internet, a big help.  Filed Leach will.  Aarticle inWNJ about possible bypass around Wilmington.  The west end would come out near Oglethorpe Road, 8-10 years down the road.  [Where is Oglethorpe Road?  I can't find it on the map.]

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Oglethorpe Road is just beyond the Bowling Alley going to Sabina on 3C Highway (US 22/3).

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