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Aug. 5, 1989-99 Uncle Bill worse, family gathers

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Hawaii] Lucille [Reynolds, cousin] and Ito (he will be 80 next month) came down and we had lunch at the Jolly Roger, then visited art gallery in the Hyatt.

Sunday 1990 - [Chicago with GG and Annie for ABA]  Jean and I went to the Prayer Breakfast ($20 each), Sarah Brady [wife of James Brady, White House Press Secretary under Reagan who was disabled during the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981] spoke.  Met the gals at 5pm and visited their first cousin near Loyola, their daughter is trying to get into medical school.  ABA reception, nothing unusual.  Did see KK from New Delhi there. 

Thursday 1993 - [Ashland OR for Elderhostel: Last Call! A Week at the Theater] Lips Together, Teeth Apart.

Friday 1994 - [Batesville to Metamora to Vevay IN] Catherine and Serena went to Cincinnati to see Bill.   We left for Metamora, took the canoe boat ride over the viaduct.  Lots of shops there.  Then to Madison where we visited the Lanier Mansion.  The tour guide was _________ Mussey [Murray?], Conrad's daughter who used to live in Blanchester and is now a sophomore at Hanover College.  Her Dad runs Tropical Sun [?] in Kenwood Towne Center, next to Walden Books.  She wants to work in a museum.  Had reservations at Ogle Haus Inn in Vevay, Room 203, very nice place on the river.  We ate at the Key West Shrimp place in Madison.  Serena called us at the motel and said that Bill was worse and asked that we meet Joe at the airport tomorrow at 11:30.

Saturday 1995 - [Roberta visiting]

Monday 1996 - [Essex, Montana for Family Reunion at Glacier National Park until 8/8/96] All day trip "Highway to the Sun" in the red jammers.  Lunch at McDonald Lodge.

Tuesday 1997 - Separate water for showering (one temperature) and for drinking.

Wednesday 1998 - [Stratford Ontario to home] Left Stratford about 10am, had "lunch" at Tim Horton's at Rest Stop east of Windsor.  Got to Pine Club in Dayton at 5pm, really too much food and brought home some.  Plenty of bread.  About 400 miles.  Sent in Elderhostel application for Portugal [April 1999].

Thursday 1999 - Dennis Smalley from Lancaster to drill holes in ground around well for environmental survey.  Two men from Humboldt Ohio were here to look at Wells.

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Catherine said...

From Dad: (1990) Would like to elaborate on "KK" – Forgot how we met him, (probably just saying hello for we saw him several times at these meetings) but anyway he was the delegate from India to the ABA convention and when we went to India he invited us over to his house, it was a mansion. His driver came to our hotel and picked us up there in New Delhi. Before we went to India he sent us several interesting books on India. Peaches had enough of India but I found it very fascinating for such extremes of prosperity.

(1994) Had forgotten about our stay in Vevay, IN, but do recall rushing away from that nice motel to meet Joe.

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