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Aug. 9, 1989-99 Wendy to Yavapai College

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Hawaii for ABA] Took Polynesian Cultural Tour, 10:30am-10pm, we especially liked the Samoa exhibit, $55.

Friday 1991 - MV and Don arrived, he complained of pains, couldn't get MD appointment so went to hospital and was admitted.  Got letter from EPA about bubble discharge.

Sunday 1992 - [San Francisco for ABA] Went to prayer breakfast, $25 each, then to Muir Woods and Sausalito for lunch at The Spinnaker's – very nice.  Bar reception in the evening, lots of cheese.

Monday 1993 - [Gold Beach to Newport OR] Up to Newport where we had reservations at Sylvia's, place full of books.  [Sylvia Beach Hotel: truly a hotel for book lovers]  At Florence we went on sand dune ride.

Tuesday 1994 - Calling hours for Bill from 6-8pm, plenty long.  Afterwards they had supper at the House, Anna Louise brought her usual carved watermelon with lots of fresh fruit and grapes on the outside.  Carolyn had a big relish tray and GG brought fruit and Italian salad, plus lots of sandwiches from the NV Senior Citizens.  Larry [Kintner] and their two sons arrived today along with their dog.  The town repaired our street (College) today, first time I can remember in all the years [almost 40] we have lived here.  Glad to get rid of the junk car.

Wednesday 1995 - Wendy called us about her plans to go to Yavapai College in Prescott, starting in three weeks.  Hope she sticks it out.  [She did make it through one semester and then transferred to Glendale Community College and thankfully did eventually graduate from ASU West.]

Friday 1996 - Article in WNJ about old La Max Movie Theater, now UMC parking lot, last show 1953. [opened ~1930]  New restaurant opening in old J.M. Rice Furniture store.  [According to Clinton County Timeline, Rice Furniture opened in Wilmington in 1909.]

Saturday 1997 - [Amazon Jungle to Iquitos to Cuzco Peru] Back to Iquitos with lunch on the boat.  Had supper at restaurant on the town ⃞.  Evening flight to Lima where we slept (?) for two hours from 1:30-3:30 before leaving for flight to Cuzco where we had a hotel at the edge of town, yet menu prices were in $.

Sunday 1998 - Joan had good sermonette on paper, throw away things and then paper $ and what it would do, like pay the preacher or for the new chairs in the SS room.  Then she gave each of them two $1 bills followed by the collection.  Ate at Golden Corral, $5.49 for the buffet, plenty of food but hardly an uplifting environment.  Drinks were $1.19.  Went to Extended Care and then to see Ruth.  Talked with Cris and Angela about going to Chicago with them.

[Old Chinese Proverb included on this page as follows]
If you would be happy for an hour, take a nap.
If you would be happy for one day, go fishing.
If you would be happy for one week, kill your pig and eat it.
If you would be happy for one month, get married.
If you would be happy for one year, inherit a fortune.
If you would be happy for life, love your work.

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