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April 9, 1989-99 Roberta is inspiration

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Monday 1990 - Mother seemed real good, sat up for several hours.  Pam Anthony started staying from 1 to 6.  Joann Rankin from 11PM to 7AM and Cathy McIntosh the rest of the time.

Tuesday 1991 - Called MUH, they hope to be here in early May, they are in rut.  The men served the NVUMW group, around 100+ people I was there from 3 to 9.  Hard wind and rain about 4:30.  Jean getting Living Room and Dining Room curtains cleaned, getting rooms repainted [by] Chas Lewis and Terry.

Thursday 1992 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta to Columbus airport.  She was flying on a ticket she bought through a newspaper ad.  Roberta is a good inspiration for GHU.  Had supper at the Cracker Barrel, then 59¢ yogurt cup at Yummers.  My greens and ham ($2.89) came with a huge Vidalia onion and it was edible.

Saturday 1994 - [Roberta visiting] John, Julie, Kate and Roberta went to Cincinnati to see Jim Gooding and his recent purchase across the street from where he lives.  Their [John and Julie?] car is turning 100,000 miles, an '86 model.  The Crowsons have gone 64,000 miles in 14 months.  International Day at Wilmington College.  Jean is passing out cancer material.

Sunday 1995 - [Virginia to New Vienna] Drove to Morgantown WV, did see the Chi Omega House.  Had big ice cream cone at a place on Rt. 209 north of I-70 [near Cambridge OH].  Tried to call John and Julie without success.  Had a 4PM meal at Cracker Barrel, over 200 restaurants in 23 states [in 2009 had 594 locations in 41 states].  Got home about 5:30. 

Wednesday 1997 - Jean had Women's Club program at Wooden Spoon

Thursday 1998 - More rain, bad tornadoes in Alabama. Maundy Thursday services at Church.  Started Tom McMilliam's [?] estate, he was 54.

Friday 1999 - [Home from Portugal/Spain trip]  Four stalks of asparagus up.  Mowed the high spots of grass.

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Catherine said...

Dad says he well remembers the Portugal/Spain trip -- they rented the car in Lisbon, drove to Salamanca to visit Nancy Walker and then made a big swing through southern Spain and back to Lisbon. Only car available was a stick shift and parking was practically non-existent. Also, for those wondering about Grandma (GHU) she entered Heartland on February 4, 1991, so 1990 would have been the year she had (mostly) full time help at home.

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