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April 2, 1989-1999 Gerry's new job

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville]

Monday 1990 - Gerry started new job with Jerry's RV.  Robert Crist, where he had worked is quitting business [they closed the Phoenix business which was on the I-17 access road south of Dunlap, but stayed open in Mesa].  Trash $3.30.

Thursday 1992 - Article in Cincinnati magazine about John and Melissa Toedtman [Melissa is/was friend of Joe's] about their house on Mosteller Road in northern part of Sharonville.  Trash $6.50, used 617 cubic feet [water] = $3.67 (base rate), water $15.42, total $43.91.

Friday 1993 - [Phoenix] 

Saturday 1994 - [to Kentucky] We drove to Williamsburg, had lunch at the Dinner Bell in Berea.  In the evening we ate at Cracker Barrel in Corbin. 

Sunday 1995 - Don [?] Johnson's 42nd birthday, also Donna Smallridge.  Ed spoke  on Phillipines 3:4-14, "Been there, no thanks."  When we think we have reached the top, our mental attitude shifts to thoughts of retirement.  Jean still has the rash.  Had [historical] picture in our SS class of our church which showed two little chimneys on side next to street, also gas lights and things on each of the four corners of the steeple base.  We ate at the Wooden Spoon, $6.95.   At Revco 2 pair of shoestrings for 99¢, at Kroger's 3 pairs for 77¢.

Tuesday 1996 - Jean had eye appointment with Dr. H in Wilmington.  I went on to Dayton for Wilson appointment and Campbell appointment.  Then met Dick S. at Bob Evans for a cup of coffee [don't think Dad would have been drinking the coffee].  We had supper at Frisch's, then to UMC where Tom and Emily Salisbury spoke on their Wycliff [Bible translation] experience in Peru.

Wednesday 1997 - [Phoenix]

Friday 1999 - [Portugal to Spain]  At Hotel Beatriz in Toledo, at edge of town so could park on the grounds.  Took cab to tour square, very compact.

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