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April 3, 1989-99 Our Anniversary

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville]

Tuesday 1990 - Our 42nd Anniversary, went to Wilmington in the PM, took a load of cardboard.  Jean went to Mothers' Club supper.  Got Mother some diapers, good and bad days.  Joann Rankin stays at night, 11-7 and we pay her $4/hour and Kathy McIntosh runs in and out.  She lives two doors up.

Wednesday 1991 - A quiet [and/or great] anniversary, got one of those "gas" balloons, 99¢ plus 6¢ tax.

Friday 1992 - Jean had lunch in Wilmington with Ann Bailey while I went to the Bar Association Meeting at Denver House.  There are now 38 members.  We left for Murphin Ridge about 4:30, saw Mother and were there at 6, had Room #9 upstairs with a fireplace.  They have several early bird specials at $5.95 and $6.95.  They brought us a free dessert for our anniversary -- cake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  Oh yes, we went on a short walk before supper.

Saturday 1993 - [Phoenix]  Drove up to Carefree and had lunch at "our Place" [?], hard to find.  WNJ raising single issue price to 50¢

Sunday 1994 - [Easter, Kentucky] Our 46th Anniversary.  We didn't make the 6:30 Sunrise Service in Somerset.  We took Ginny and got there in plenty of time for SS.  Hard rain during church.  In the evening Frank and Diane had us over for supper - ribs, potato salad, baked beans and banana pudding.  Her Mother (Mary) and step-father were there en route from Flagler Beach FL to their home in Michigan.

Monday 1995 - Our 47th Anniversary.  Jean had Mothers' Club lunch at Ponderosa in Wilmington.  PPR meeting - Ed Johnson is to retire, he has been here 7 years.  He made an offer to contribute 10M [$10,000] to new church multi-purpose building.

Wednesday 1996 - #48.  Lions Club, Bobby Curtis [Custis?] son spoke on his "squeegee" collection.  Then choir practice in the evening.

Thursday 1997 - [Phoenix]

Saturday 1999 - [Granada Spain] At the Hotel Anacapri for 2 nights.  Gal at desk spoke great English, no wonder she was from Iowa.

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