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April 8, 1989-99 Cruising the country by bike

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Sunday 1990 - Had Municipal Court hearing in Mason, then we had lunch at the Golden Lamb.  $7.10 was top entree.  Mother seemed better tonight, ate both banana and melon that we took over. 

Tuesday 1992 - [Roberta visiting]  Mother seemed great.  23 at choir practice for the Cantata.  Roberta got a lot of fruit ant Bob and Carl's marked down.

Thursday 1993 - Planted a little garden near the house.  Bought new metal leaf rake for $6.99 at TSC in Hillsboro. 

Friday 1994 - [Roberta visiting]  Revival service start at NVUMC.   The preacher sure can shout.  Icelandair  had ad about $199 each way to Europe and for $75 a stop over in Iceland.  

Saturday 1995 - [Virginia]  We drove to Richmond.  Jean fell down on the short steps at the Capitol and fractured her wrist.  We looked in the Jefferson Hotel, a grand lobby; Monument Avenue

Monday 1996 - Jean wrapping gifts for UMW meeting, Carolyn Thornburg was here and they blew up balloons for the meeting.  Put six names on our database.

Tuesday 1997 - Planted onions, and peas in the garden.

Wednesday 1998 - Parts of yard really need mowing.  Got big ?? [package?] from Rose Vesper and Doug White (our State Representative and State Senator) on our 50th Anniversary.  Jean had Womens' Club at Wooden Spoon.  Virginia Walker had program on "Random Acts of Kindness".  Got plaid wool pants dry cleaned, $2.97 with senior citizen discount. 

Thursday 1999 - [Portugal to Ohio] Went cross country from Palmela to Lisbon airport, fortunately we made it safely.  Never did find the right road to Lisbon which is no pleasure to drive -- short ramps to freeway and many traffic circles.  Got into JFK and was too groggy to know that my watch was an hour off so missed our flight to CVG, so they routed us through Atlanta.  Finally got to Hilton at 2AM.

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