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April 23, 1989-99 Arts and Culture in DC

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1991 - [Silver Springs to Baltimore MD] Breakfast in our room [Econo Lodge] then we walked to Silver Springs Metro Stop.  Rush hour (until 9:30) $1.55, while non-rush hour is $1.10.  They have a $ changer with a +/- registering of amount of $ you have put in.  Simple after we learned how.  [Like many things in life.]  We met Louise at Woodward and Lothrop, then to National Portrait Gallery, National Building Museum, had lunch at National Art Gallery where we bought a couple of framed paintings.  Drove to Annapolis, early bird supper at Treaty of Paris, $16.95, four courses, very good.  Bought pair of Timberland "weather proof" shoes at Timberland ($145), then to Baltimore where we had reservations at Shirley Madison Inn [now Biltmore Suites -- not quite as historical sounding], room #26 with button for hotter water.

Thursday 1992 - Went to Milford with M. Chamberlain, Keith and Gene Gibson to get deed signed by Dorothy Howell to Westboro UMC.

Saturday 1994 - [England] Got to Housel Bay Hotel on Lizard Peninsula [Cornwall], Room #4, a great view of the ocean, but oh the wind.  John and Julie had stayed there two years earlier, also Murray had suggested this place.  We had so much breakfast, we saved the ham for lunch at G.... Park, what a lane/road to get to it, but very nice and Jean bought some cook books there.  Two nights at Housel Bay Hotel, total $166 [or#] The big room right over the Dining Room quite drafty.

Sunday 1995 - We called John, they decided not to come down, so called about going to the hospital dinner.  Dr. Von Stein spoke on orthopedic surgery, lots of illustrated tr...... and even a t-shirt.  We took Virginia Hildebrant with us.  Forecast of hail tonight so covered the tomatoes.

Tuesday 1996 - Jean worked at UMC District office.  Busy day at the office.  Ray King was over and got the screen saver on the computer.  John, Julie and Kate return from Florida.

Wednesday 1997 - Pauline Cameron came over and listed Elsie Sutterfield's big house.  [and?] Preskells big house in Wilmington.  Loaded up book cases from GHU's to take to Crowsons.

Thursday 1998 - Looked at regular pick-up -- a '91 Chevy that they wanted $7200 with 38,000 miles.  Gloria Collins around on petition vs. Ed Brown.  Dow up to 10,700.  Put out notices about Wells shutting down in stages starting in two weeks.  Called salesmen, auction companies, etc.  Down to 33 degrees tonight.  Talked with the Zooks, he is having trouble with disintegration of the spine and her back problems have "moved to the other side".  Called Ed Jones and got recorded message.  Jean had long conversation with ____________ in Bethesda, MD.


Catherine said...

Corrected 1998 entry which previously said "Don [?] up to 10,700" but should have said DOW up to 10,700. Sorry, Don -- didn't realize it was a stock market reference.

Catherine said...

From John: [Regarding 1994] Julie and I remember the Housel Bay Hotel in Cornwall with very fond memories. We did not have the ocean view, but enjoyed some of our best meals in England in their dining room.

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