Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Equipment

Has anyone purchased one of the new DVD/VCR gadgets that will play either AND burn the contents of the VCR onto the DVD (and vice versa)? Got one for the church last week only to realize the TV I have in the choir room is so old I couldn't hook it up...so I brought it home tonight and fiddled with it nearly an hour until I finally got it to do what I need it to. Only disadvantage is that you have to play it in "real time", which means a 60 minute video takes 1 hour to burn on to DVD. Tomorrow I can take it to the church and copy the DVD through another gadget that not only burns the DVD/VCRs but will also print labels on them. Who would have ever thought....
We did receive the picture of KC today along with nice note from the happy Grandma :) which we were glad to see. Seems like yesterday my kids were that age! Where did the time go? They will be 1/2 way through 3rd, 9th grade as of tomorrow! Ginny was very excited to get the note from the school about driver's ed next summer. Surely not already!

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Catherine said...

Glad you got the birth announcement, Mary. I would be no help with the DVD/VCR equipment. Got a call last night from Dad in Tucson. They plan to be in the Phoenix area by mid-afternoon today.

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