Friday, December 15, 2006

greetings from a computer that I am not "supposed" to be using

Just a quick note to say that I am now caught up with the blog.....hope to get Aunt Mary on it tomorrow to look at the pictures, especially the ones of KC! Way cute.......

Mary Virginia, I do remember Leah! Do give more details! I talked with Dad last night, they were in Galveston and headed to the SAS shoe store. I put in my order for the SAS that are Birkenstock look-alikes. We had several site-seeing trip, so tonight Aunt Mary did not want to go to the dining room. I brought in Burger King complete with milk shake which she ate every ounces of her meal and shake. Her biggest problem is her feet which seem to freeze every time they are expected to move, as in getting her in the car or on the toilet. Creates challenges.....

More later.....I cannot find the folks email.....did do some research on rooms and found the Comfort Inn to be by far the most reasonable. The Breakers was over $1000 per night per room. Would make a cruise seem cheap. Serena, could you show this to Sid please.

Little more rain today, but the 8 inches yesterday was still apparent today! Love to all, Roberta

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serena said...

Showed this post to Sid . . . right before Roberta called tonight. We did have some trouble connecting on the phone. Sid seemed to enjoy reading the blog entry.

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