Saturday, December 30, 2006

Crusading Women of New Vienna

Actually went back to the website and did some more looking around. I did find out more about the issue of temperance movement from which the above was taken. Here is the link to the Ohio page - you can then go down to Clinton County and click on that which then has the piece about New Vienna. Someone has done a transcript of Henry Howe's 18__ something book.


Catherine said...

Any other details on this one, Serena? You found it on the internet? Is it a post card?

Mary Uible Crowson said...

This is interesting...would love to know story behind it but probably don't have one?

serena said...

Found it online - I can't seem to get the site NOW, but could earlier. It didn't have much context.

I ASSUME it had to do with WCTU which was founded in Centerville or Circleville Ohio.

Yes, somewhere on the site it said it was a postcard.

Clinton County Historical Society may have more information about women's temperance movement.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the details, Serena! I wonder how many of the post cards still exist and what one might cost if I cound find one? Phoenix Post Card show is coming up, January 26-27 if anyone besides me is interested! The only post card I had of New Vienna is one of the depot which I gave to John as he had originally sent it to me. I do remember, as a child, seeing several New Vienna postcards for sale in the drug store. At that time, Roberta was more into buying postcards than I. She had more spending money do to her money making abilities.

Catherine said...

Should add that the NV Depot picture card was in terrible condition. Red dye from the box it was in had seeped into the card.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Interesting website the card was taken from and what a lengthy article re: Temperance Movement in New Vienna! I did look over the Warren and Clermont County sites as well to see if there might be references to Uibles or Crossons, but no luck.

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