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1976 GHU letter to John -May

[May 1976]
Thurs. evening
Dear John,

Wile I am watching TV program which is a repeat there will be time I can keep my mind on writing – perhaps.  It is the Walton picture where there is a lady air pilot & John Boy thinks she is the "one."

This writing paper has a good "Heading" for my Lilies of the Valley are in bloom.  As your Dad came across the yard Mon. he stopped long enough to pick a nice bunch.

I am glad that I came home early this year for the trees, flowers, asparagus & rhubarb are all ahead of themselves coming forth so early.  Even the spirea is in full bloom & in a couple of weeks will be ready to trim back again.  I notice there seems to be a lot of little tiny cherries trying to grow, but wonder if they will hang on to ripen after all the cold weather they may begin to drop.  May be a pie, later on for the lady – Mrs. Rankin, who is working for me this year says she likes to make pies.  Perhaps you know the Rankin boys.  I believe Randy graduates this year.  Robbie has been doing some yard work for me after school now & then.  He is so involved in track practice that his time is short for working.

I had several sugar trees cut back last Sat. & they had a mill or ? that ground up the limbs into saw-dust & blew it into a truck.  I need several fruit trees cut back but this is not the right time of year.  Next thing I am having done is a ramp built starting at the far end of the porch & going to the narrow walks by the bedroom on the south side. Mr. White is to start Mon. to build it.

I don't like the change of time.  Too dark in the morning & I forget about supper time since it is so light.

I will be thinking about your graduation but the distance is simply too far for me.  It takes too many things for me to travel unless I am staying for awhile & have some room for every thing.  When you reach New Vienna I will have a gift for you.  I am sure you have enough things to bring back as it is.  So have a Happy time.  Aunt Mary wrote that she & Uncle Bill enjoyed the golf tournament in Augusta GA & their visit in Lancaster Pa.  Uncle bill seems to be quite taken with golf but it seems to me a lot of walking for what ?  I like to see something accomplished.  Every one to their own I guess.

Wishing you a good month during May.

Love, Grandma

P.S. Maybe I can get up to Dennison [sic] to see you when the time comes.

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