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1996 Family Letter -May 12

May 12, 1996 (Mother's Day)
Dearest Morgans,

It is early Sunday morning and I wanted to write before the family got up and this seemed to be the best time.  But without my glasses to read the symbols on the computer I could do nothing.  Of course I wakened Dad when I went back to get them but think he'll go back to sleep.

We really enjoyed Wendy's papers and have shared them with all the family.  We could especially see various members in the tightwad one but did get some good laughs out of it.  No one took offense but thought them all very good.  Had to use the dictionary for one of them but that's good for us too.

I want to thank you too for the Mother's Day cards.  They were lovely and Wendy's was the first one I received.  It's always good to hear but as you know Dad says a special card is not necessary.  I got one in the mail addressed to "Grandma Bubble" but luckily it had the box number on it so the post office knew to whom it should be delivered.  Kate calls herself "Kate Bubble" or as sometimes she says "Kate Ashcraft."

It was good seeing so many of the Estes Park reunion together though we did miss the Morgans being there.  Bob, Beverly and Lisa Gooding as well as Betty and Jerry Ashcraft came and of course John, Julie and Kate Uible.  Mary and Cris got there too as they arrived from Florida just the day before.  When we got back Angela was at Grandma's house with Laura and Will.  I forgot to mention that we all met at Young's Dairy Farm and Ginny and Kate not only enjoyed the food there finishing off with ice cream but got to go out to the barn and saw the cows, pigs, sheep and also the goats.  They sold goat food (pellets) and Ginny and Kate finally got brave enough to feed them.  The goats would only eat if you held the food that was in your hand and they would lick it off.

Jim Gooding wasn't able to come as he had to go to a funeral of a young friend of his but the others all talked about the experiences of rafting, hiking, etc. at the Y in the Rockies mentioned how they were sorry that the Morgans couldn't be there with us yesterday.

We had originally planned to go to a fancier restaurant in Yellow Springs but the numbers and children coming kept increasing so though some were disappointed (adults), we know the children would have been more comfortable at Youngs.

Serena met Roberta at the airport when she came from Phoenix (which you probably had heard was to happen but John and family were there too and then they all had dinner together.  We met them the next day for brunch after attending church with J, J & K.  Then that afternoon was the big #3 birthday party for Kate with the Sr. Ashcrafts and two of Julie's sisters, her brother and all their children (and spouses minus one).

Even Joan was there with her 15 day old baby Abigail which only Joan and her husband were allowed to hold.  I didn't even see G'ma Betty holding her.

We did enjoy having Roberta here and seeing a little more of Serena, even taking her to the airport Tuesday when she took off for London and other parts.  We would like to get a card from her but that's rather doubtful.

I have been going on and on but will leave some space for Dad to add a note.  I wasn't sure the computer would work after Ginny, Wil and Laura kept fighting over whose turn it was to use it last night.  We are all to have lunch together at the Elks and then we will be on our [way] to the airport with Roberta with a possible stop at one of the two outlet malls on the way.

Wow, "Luscious" wears me out to think that she typed all this while I was resting. Anyway I better not hit the wrong keys to erase all this work she has put into this long letter.  Seriously, we do enjoy all the faithfulness that you all show in calling and writing.

[love, etc.]

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