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1986 Family Letter -May 20

Tuesday, May 20, 1986

Dear Family:

The Hortons arrived in New Vienna this evening, spending one night en route in Georgia.  Aunt Mary is to be the spokesman for her class of 1931 at the NVHS Alumni this Saturday evening.  They plan to be here two weeks.

Last Wednesday afternoon we left for Cincinnati . . . had a dinner invitation with a lady who use to live in Wilmington and now lives in a fancy retirement home in Cincinnati, with a dignified title "New England Club."  The next night we ate with the Sankers at a new restaurant and came home Friday evening.

We had meetings all day Thursday (including a tour of the IRS headquarters) and Friday on various legal matters.  We have reservations to go to NY for the ABA . . . some of you will recall our staying at the Waldorf Astoria at the last ABA meeting in NYC.

Two weeks ago Sunday the Goodings invited us up for dinner and a hike.  Lisa continues to have serious health problems.  Oh yes, while in Cincinnati we looked up Jim Gooding who is restoring an old house in an old neighborhood . . . he has lots to be proud of.

Last Sunday evening was Recognition Night at Wilmington College – both MV and MY were recipients of awards . . . and special recognition.  MV is all enthused about her upcoming trip and the support for the cause . . . which includes a $1,000 from the Port William Church.  (Wish New Vienna would give but it is most doubtful for they are not mission-minded enough).  Prof. Haskins really praised MV for her musical ability – being able to sing tenor, alto and soprano as well and all very well.  She had him put in jail last week (benefit of the American Cancer Society) and raised $300 I think to have him bailed out – charges were crazy conducting.  He also referred to this and said that was the only way such a group could be conducted.  To our surprise he announced that she would be conducting an orchestral group to music that she had composed at a Sunday evening concert June 8 – wish you could all be here for that.  She was also recognized for being chosen for Who's Who Among College & University Students.  Mie Young was the recipient of several awards including the Leadership Award as was Bill Kincaid – both announced for the first time that night.  Four other East Clinton students were recognized so our school was well represented.

[Love, etc.]

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